Meghalaya BJP State writes to Mr Amit Shah on the sentiment of the people on the CAB  

Shillong, Nov 21:  The General Secretary of the Meghalaya BJP State Unit Mr Banshailang Khongwir today sent letter to the Union Home Minister Mr Amit Shah, in the letter mention about the sentiment of the people against the proposed implementation of the Citizesnhip Amendment Bill 2016 of the Union Government that will be applicable to the state of Meghalaya.

This is the letter was sent today, to the Union Home Minister by the general secretary of the Meghalaya BJP State Unit, read.  As the general secretary of the Meghalaya BJP state Unit, I would like to bring before the party central leadership relating to issues the current sentiment of the people across Meghalaya on the proposed implemention of the C.A.B in the state of Meghalaya.

The proposal to bring the C.A.B into the state of Meghalaya while exempting others state like Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh because of the operation of the Inner Line Permit in thus states, is not a good gesture on the party as is carries in it the message of dividing the minority groups of the North Eastern Region tribal communities on the basis of peace meal legislation.

The tribal communities of Meghalaya are no different from others communities of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh or Mizoram in terms of progress, advancement and growth per se, which are clearly apparent in the index of similar demographic profile and economic growth.

Similarly in other level of indexes, the tribal of Meghalaya like the above mention states still deserved due protection. So, placing Meghalaya in line with other big and progressive state of nation where the C.A.B is expected to serve the greater interst of humanity, is not in the spirit of the BJP party, which is always conveying aclear message to the people of the state, that the party will not trampled on the progress of growth and protection of the indigenous minority.

I would like to add with lot of excitement and pride, as party workers I see bright future for Meghalaya and the entire North Eastern Region when our party changes the erstwhile “Look East Policy” into an “Act East policy” with action in progress. I am confident the party will not betray the commitment made to the people of the region who gave their mandate to the NDA Government.

I am certain that the central leadership will continue to uphold the sincerity the historical process by which the tribal of Meghalaya have wholeheartedly place their confidence of this great nation. And today under able leadership of the  Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi Ji, who is tirelessly working to fulfill the aspiration of this great nation, I again hope that the party will heed with great concern to the voice of the people of the state. Sated Mr Banshailang Khongwir State general secretary BJP Meghalaya Pradesh.


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