Meghalaya Government urged people to follow protocol  issue from Health Department

Shillong, July 01: Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister Mr Prestone Tynsong said that the Government has observed that many people in the state seem that they are not following the SOP issued from the Health Department.

Deputy Chief Minister appeal to all the seven thousand COVID-19 Committee to help the government in educating people that when they are in public places to wear mask and to observed social distancing in public places.

Deputy Chief Minister urged all the traditional heads to see that people in their local places that people should follow the SOP issued from the Health Department Government of Meghalaya.

The Government has see that people did not observed the protocol issued from the Health department, the order was very clear that people should follow Social Distancing, not wearing mass in the public palces.

In the review meeting today Meghalaya Government express to the Prime Minister for extended the assistance on free rice distribution to poor families till the month of November 2020, the government also decided that free distribution of Dal will also continued upto November 2020.

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