Meghalaya Health Dept recommended protocol for meeting in secretariat and others meeting

Shillong, Oct 09: The Delta Variant of COVID-I9 is more dominant in the State, with the potential to spread rapidly, especially in closed settings such as indoor meetings.

Therefore, keeping in mind the need to hold meetings as an inevitable part of dispensation of duties by the Govemment ofYices, it is imperative to follow certain precautionary measures which should be strictly adhered to, by all individuals/participants attending such meetings.

To this end, the following are the recommended protocols, in order to avoid spread of COVID 19, Online meeting and videoconferencing should be the preferred mode of conducting meetings or any programmes as much as is possible. All participants in the meetings should wear a properly fitted mask, preferably an N95 or a 3-ply mask, surgical mask, covering nose, mouth and chin.

It has been observed that people tend to remove masks while speaking. The chance for the spread of the virus is extremely high while speaking, sneezing or coughing. Hence, removal of masks while speaking should be avoided.

While sharing a dais for a programt the speaker speaking on the microphone should wear a mask to avoid infections. Any refreshments during meetings are to be avoided. If refreshments are served, it is to be ensured that it is done before or after a programme, keeping in the mind the Covid protocols.

Buffet arrangement should be preferred for serving, aving food in meetings, whereby adherence to COVID protocols is easier. While aftending meetings, the attendees may bring their own water bottles.

E-Office should be encouraged preferably in all the Departments. This recommendation was issued by Mr. Sampath Kumar, IAS) Principal Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, Health and Family Welfare Department.


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