Mr Sainkupar the General Secretary inform that Junel Tongper rejoin the HNLC

Shillong, Nov 23: The General Secretary of the band outfit of the HNLC Mr. Sainkupar Nongtraw said that this is to inform the police department that Junel Tongper has rejoined back with our council along with few of his friends.

Tongper was arrested twice before and he has been harassed time and again by police department by way of conducting searches at his residence and telling him to appear at the police station whenever required.

He did not maintain any more links with our council after his arrest, but due to the constant harassment of the police he was compelled to rejoin. In fact his old cases were also re-opened.

Opening up of old cases is nothing but just a torture stunt by the police, whereby one suffers injustices daily. It is not a matter of joke to manage the fees of the lawyer time and again.

This kind of harassment towards our ex  cadres and their family members should be immediately stopped by the police. Just because he was a member of the council before, it doesn’t mean that he can be implicated into any kind of case related to the HNLC.

The police department by committing such acts is indirectly strengthening our council, thereby compelling the frustrated cadres to rejoin. Many youths who are in favour of the ILP cause has joined the HNLC.

If any of our cadres face such kind of harassment they are welcome back into the arms of the HNLC. The HNLC welcomes anybody who is willing to undergo extreme hardships to serve the  Hynñiewtrep cause, said Mr Sainkupar Nongtraw general secretary cum publicity secretary of the HNLC.


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