NEDF written to Union Minister,  Govt of India for EFCC to bring zero emissions within 2030

Shillong, Oct 29: The North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF), a forum of 200 NGOs, CSOs in North East India, has written to the Union MInsiter  Mr. Shri BhupendraYadav, for Environment, Forests and  Climate Change concerned for and engaged in justice, human rights, equality, environment protection and climate change.

The organsation  express our appreciation to both the Governments of India and Denmark for the recently announced Green Strategic Partnership declared by both the Prime Ministers of the two countries.

However, the organsation  have, been taken aback in reading today’s (25/10/2021) news in that India will not commit to work for zero emissions within the year 2050/2030, i.e. along with China and other developed countries.

The aforementioned news perhaps consolidates earlier news in that the Union Government will invite and  welcome global CEOs to explore and  drill gas and oil and will enhance coal extraction for thermal energy production, that is  fossil fuel.

The organsation said that  such news do send mixed signals though most probably, brings out wide grins to the extractive industries and corporates but alarming to naturalists, environmentalists, to those concerned for survival.

The planet earth and runs counter to the Convention of Parties on Climate Change which has been trying to bring together all nations for joint effort to combat global warming and its consequences which is climate change since 1994.

When our Prime Minister took initiative to forge the International Solar Alliance, we thought that all other forms of energy including nuclear energy and electricity generated through hydel projects will take a back seat and that energy from solar and wind will be encouraged and promoted throughout the length and breadth of India with its vast population of some 1.3 billion having hills and valleys, river banks and sea beaches.

In many parts of the world, civil strifes and unrest with violence prevails and weapons and ammunition barrons including those of the nuclear industry are having a hey day at the cost of precious innocent human lives with destruction of the environment through air, water and soil pollution.

The organsisation said that they are  not stewards of God’s creation and so, are responsible and accountable for its survival, for its purity since humans are interdependent on its eternal and timeless longevity for survival.

The organsation  urge upon you and your Government to extend full cooperation and in fact, take a strong stand to commit and be fully engaged for bringing about zero emissions within the agreed upon cut off year and date.

The organsation  are looking forward to a positive outcome of COP26 at Glasgow, Scotland,  said Dr.P.B.M.Basaiawmoit  Consultant and  Anthony Debbarma  as member from  Tripura in the press statement.

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