NGEA submitted Memo to the Governor asking for appointment of secretary from the GHADC

Shillong, May 12: The Non-Gazetted Employees Association, GHADC, Tura have submitted the memorandum to the Governor that Autonomous District Council(ADC) stating has separate Rules and Regulations and the functioning of ADC is completely separate from the State Govt.

In the memorandum the NGEA mention that the sixth Schedule has provided separate powers to the ADC to frame their own rules and regulations and to be specific, the undersigned submits that the Constitution makers also recognized the necessity of a separate political and administrative structure of the Hill Tribal Areas of the erstwhile province of Assam by enacting the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

In doing so, they were broadly guided by three major considerationsn,the necessity to maintain the distinct customs, socio-economic and political culture of the tribal people of the region and to ensure autonomy of the tribal people and to preserve their identities.

The necessity to prevent their economic and social exploitation by the more advanced neighboring people of the plains; to allow the tribal people to develop and administer themselves according to their own genius, according to NGEA it is stated that as per Rule 14 of Assam and Meghalaya Autonomous Districts (Constitution of District Council) Rules, 1951.

The rules was clear that “There shall be a Secretary to the District Council who will be appointed by the Chairman of the District Council. The Secretary shall not be a member of District Council.”

Rule 15 of the said Constitution reads as, “Subject to the previous approval of the Governor, the District Council of an autonomous Distract may make rules regulating the condition of service of Officers and staff appointed to the service and the post in connection with the affairs of the District Council.” Rule 19 (2) states, “There shall be a Secretary to the executive Committee.

The secretary shall be appointed by the Chief Executive Member and shall not be a member of the District Council.” In this respect, the undersigned begs to submit that as per the above mentioned Rules, the GHADC should appoint their own Secretary by following their own Service Rule, or by following the Meghalaya Service Rule, but in the instant case the State Govt.

This had been continuously appointing or deputing the State bureaucrats to the post of Secretary to the Executive Committee of GHADC and such appointment or deputation of MCS to the GHADC is totally against the rule of GHADC/ADC, and it further undermines the Officials of GHADC and deprive them from the opportunities in holding the post of Secretary of GHADC or from promotion to post of GHADC.

That view of the above the NGEA strongly oppose the deputation of MCS official to the post of secretary to the GHADC  and prayed to intervene with interference of Appointment and deputation of Secretary to the GHADC by the State Government, and humbly pray to instruct the State Govt.

The NGEAS urged also the Chief Executive Member of GHADC to appoint and promote to the post of Secretary to the Executive Committee of GHADC, said mar Senora Johny Arengh president in the press statement issued today.

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