NGOs from Garo Hills alleged that Mr KC Boro and LRO attempt to misinform the public  

Tura, Oct 17: The ADE, AYWO, GSU and the FKJGP would like to respond to the statements of shri K. C. Boro  and Legal Rights Observatory(LRO) about their attempt to misinform the public and sow dissension amongst the people and thus create enmity between communities for the ultimate purpose of politicizing the issue for personal gains and publicity.

Shri K. C. Boro and Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) is incessantly harping about the term “Unrepresented tribes” and inclusion of it in the 6th Schedule. Do they understand what even the meaning of unrepresented tribe is? The question to be asked and the determination of their lies can be gauged from the fact that Hajongs, Rabhas and Koches have been MLAs and MDCs.

There is no restriction whatsoever on their participation in the assembly and district council elections till date.  Mr K.C.Boro himself was a former MLA and he talks of self as unrepresented.

Is it genuine ignorance on his part or a blatant lie? No wonder he is struggling to keep himself relevant. Politicians make undue promises to their voters but claiming represented tribes as unrepresented is an outright lie and ditto for the LRO.

The claim that the mentioned tribes are not included in the ST category is news for us. From what angle and perspective are Hajongs, Rabhas and Koch are not considered ST as being claimed by Mr. Boro,  seeks to confuse the people by blurring the term “other tribes” in JRP and the recognition as ST by the state seeking to mobilise for political gains and has convinced himself to use the issue as a platform to resuscitate his flagging political career.

Who is K.C.Boro and LRO to seek a stop to the amendments to the 6th Schedule; A near conclusion of a series of meetings with the Central Government started by ANVC’s tripartite agreement. The major tribe of Meghalaya welcomes the ammendment which will have better provisions to protect and safeguard the indigenous peoples of the state.

What “exclusion of the minority hindu tribes from the 6th Schedule” is the LRO randomly sprouting? Are the members of LRO residing on the moon? Are they blind to the fact that there have been numerous MDCs from are Hajongs, Rabhas and Koch tribes? Let K.C.Boro try and divide Garo Hills the Garos will give him a befitting reply and will educate him about the importance of Garo Hills to the Garo people.

If K.C.Boro and LRO wants the Rabhas, Hajongs, koches and others to be nominated in the GHADC as unrepresented tribes  to the Council then they should set one thing in motion let the tribes mentioned not participate in the Council elections as voters and candidates.

One must not claim nomination rights as unrepresented tribes on one hand and then become elected MDCs on the other hand. It is a clear attempt to pursue strategies to rule the GHADC by unfair means which is not acceptable to us. Please understand we will fight tooth and nail against such unjust claims and demands which will prove detrimental to the interests of the Garos.

However, the NGOs from garo Hills welcome the the Rabhas, Hajongs, koches brothers to fight unitedly against such divisive forces which aims to derail the peaceful co-existence of communities and invite them to fight together for the development and prosperity of the indigenous peoples. If push comes to a shove we Garos are ready to fight too let not our mature steps be counted as a sign of weakness.

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