NGOs, sent message to the Governor on the allegation made by Prantush, Mridul and Vinayak

Shillong, Oct 18: The leaders of the four organization, President of the KSU Mr Lambok Marngar, President of the FKJGP Mr. W Rani, President of the RBYF Mr, B P Thangkhiew and the General Secretary of the HNYF Mr. S K Blah sent the message to the Governor of Meghalaya on the allegation made by three person on their meeting with the Governor, namely Prantush Sarkar, Mridul Das and Vinayak Roy ,who met the governor of the state and submitted their presentation on the 15/10/2020 had painted the state of Meghalaya in a very bad communal shade .

In their meeting with the Government the three people, they have cited that Hindus in Meghalaya are denied EPIC, PAN card, Birth certificate and all other related documents relating to Indian citizenship .

This statement is tarnishing the image of the government of Meghalaya as a culprit of religious persecution which on the contrary all non tribals are availing themselves EPIC, Birth certificate, Ration card without any discrimination by government establishment and zero interference from NGOs if they can proof themselves as Indian Citizens.

The four NGOs alleged that the above mentioned persons are themselves engaged in limestone businesses in Ichamati with habitual benami transactions which incurred revenue loss to the state, such people are bound to be allergic to trading licenses and District Councils which issue such licenses and they blame the NGOs as communal because we at times enforce the implementation of law that is the Regulation of Trade by non-tribal.

The NGOs alleged that these Hindu fanatics are tarnishing the image of various Christian sects in the state by their statement that the entire state machinery is Christianized and organized to perpetuate communal discrimination against Hindus of the state.They have also accused the police machinery to be in tandem in this religious persecution, which we demand that the police department must take stern action against these people.

The three people, in point number nine  of their letter they have even accused the Courts in Meghalaya to be part of religious persecution along with district councils and police department which the four NGOs feel the courts of Meghalaya must take appropriate steps for tarnishing the image of the judiciary.

The NGOs of the state have never been communal in our thought and actions being a minuscule tribal in this country they want to preserve, protect and promote our rights and interest and in pursuing our ideals they try not to identify religion as point of conflict but our concerns are issues relating to identity which they feel are sanctioned in our social, economic and political rights as indigenous people of the state.

The four NGOs demand that the government, the police District Councils must take action against these Hindu fanatics before the matter goes out of hand, said the four NGOs leaders in the press statement issued today sign by Mr L Marngar of the KSU, Mr. W Rani of the FKJGP and BP Thangkhiew president of the RBYF and Mr SK Blah of the HNYF.


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