NPP let EC in the GHADC has decided to suspend the leaders of the NGEA from service

Tura, August 06: The Employee of GHADC under the banner of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, Non-Gazetted Employee Association Tura (NGEA) were shocked to learn that the Executive Committee led by NPP on 05.08.2021 has hold the meeting on 05.08.2021 and in the said meeting they have decided to suspend all the Executive Members of the NGEA.

The Executive member of the NGEA are Mr. Brithen M. Sangma,Secretary, Mr. Flamingbirth B. Marak  Joint-Secretary, Mr. Balseng M. Sangma Adviser, Mr. Augustbel R. Marak Adviser, Mr. Henyirth Marak Member, Mr. Mento a. Sangma Member, Mr. Francis R. Marak Member.

The NGEA also said that the Executive Committee of GHADC have further decided and took a resolution to terminate the service of the President of NGEA Mr. Senora Johny Arengh.

In the minute of the meeting the Executive Committee has terminate the President of NGEA and suspend the Executive Member of NGEA stating the ground that the Show cause reply submitted by the President of NGEA and the Executive Member of the NGEA was not satisfied.

In this respect, the Member of the NGERA stated that Executive Committee has terminate and suspend the service of the Executive Member of NGEA as a revenge for fighting for justice as the Leader of the NGEA had been continuously demanding to release all the pending salaries since from 2018 till date.

Besides demanding for releasing the entire salary since from 2018 till date the NGEA also fighting for payment of salary as per the Fifth Pay Commission which has been duly approved by the previous Executive Committee, and the NGEA and the entire employees of GHADC also had been demanding for overall improvement in GHADC and to eradicate the corruption and irregularities that had been going on since from the past 15 years till date.

The NGEA said that the Executive Committee instead of trying to improved and bring change in GHADC had been trying to suppress the Leader of NGEA by harassing the Member of NGEA like issuing Show cause Notice, suspension order and termination order to all the Leaders of the NGEA.

It is stated that the Principle Secretary of GHADC have issue Show cause notice dated.30.07.2021 to all the Executive Member of NGEA to submit the written reply with 72 hours and in compliance to the Show cause Notice the Members of NGEA have submitted the written reply on 01.08.2021 i.e.on Sunday.

The reason for issuing Show cause notice to the Executive Member of NGEA is for holding the meeting on 22nd July 2021 with the employee of GHADC to discuss the various issues pertaining non-fulfillment of the assurance and promises given by CEM of GHADC on 4th June 2021 in public.

It is stated that on 4th June 2021 when the Employees and Staffs of GHADC under the banner of NGEA were holding series of Agitation for non-payment of salaries.

The CEM of GHADC had called and invited different NGOs, Staffs and Employees of GHADC for General meeting and for dialogue and during the Public meeting CEM of GHADC have made assurance and promised to fulfill all their  demand.

In the meeting the CEM also promised to give an written assurance but shockingly till date no written assurance and written agreement had been given to the Member of NGEA, the employees of GHADC and NGOs by CEM.

Therefore the Executive Member of the NGEA has hold the meeting with the employees of GHADC on 22.07.2021 to discuss the future cause of action and also to meet the CEM of GHADC, in this respect the Member of the NGEA also have written the letter to the CEM to meet him and also informed to the NGOs to have a talk and to discuss with the CEM of GHADC.

The meeting was supposed to take place on Friday i.e. on 06.08.2021, but due to various reasons some of the Leader of the NGEA have informed and requested to held the meeting on some other date as most of them are engaged with their personal work.

But it is shocked and surprised to know that the Executive Committee of GHADC led by NPP have decided an take a resolution to terminate the President of the NGEA from their service and to suspend the Executive Member of NGEA.

The NGA further state that they expect such illegal step from Executive Committee of NPP led GHADC Goovt. against the NGEA Member as they have targeting the Member of the NGEA for fighting against corruption, irregularities, Misgovernment.

The main ulterior motive in terminating and suspending the Member of NGEA is only to suppress the voice of NGEA who are fighting for their Fundamental Right as no full salary had been cleared since from the year of 2018 till date.

The ground for termination and suspension is dissatisfaction with the reply of the show cause notice submitted by the NGEA, however we strongly deny their statement but their main reasons behind in terminating and suspension of the NGEA is to prevent and to stop the NGEA and the employees of GHADC from demanding for Justice.

The undersigned of  the Leader of the NGEA is fighting legally for injustice and discrimination against the NGEA and the employees of GHADC, therefore they are targeting us and taking us as Militant outfit to suppress and oppress our voice against injustice.

The NGEA  will continue to fight against injustice discrimination, oppression, irregularities, misgovernment and above all to eradicate the corruption i.e. happening in GHADC particularly by the present Executive Committee led by Nationals’ People Party(NPP) and accordingly we will chocked out the future cause of action against the Authority of GHADC.

On the 04.07.2021 the CEM himself have announced during the public meeting in the presence of various NGOs Leader that no show cause notice, no suspension and termination will be issue against any of the Member of NGEA but surprisingly the CEM have decided to terminate and suspend the Member of the NGEA from their service.

This is clear indication that the present CEM and entire Member of the Executive Committee have broken their own words and promises and they  cannot trust their verbal promise in near future unless there is written Assurance by them, said Mr. Senora Johny Arengh, President NGEA.

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