One wild elephant dashed against the engine of a goods train between Azara and Mirza stations

Maligaon, Jan 27: In an unfortunate incident, one wild elephant dashed against the engine of a goods train last night. The incident occurred at K.M. 153/8-9 at about 02:48 hours between Azara and Mirza stations under Rangiya division of NFR.

The driver of the goods train (DN BCN E/S, Loco No. 70090) reported side collision by an elephant with the train engine while on run at about 02:55 hours.  After getting dashed, elephant fell down on track.

Track clearance was given by SSE/P-Way/Mirza at 05:20 hours with normal speed after removal of elephant from track and the goods train left from site toward Azara.

Due to this incident, train No. 13247 DN Kamakhya – Rajendra Nagar Terminal express suffered detention for 20 minutes; train No. 22501 UP New Tinsukia – KSR Bengaluru SF express controlled at New Bongaigaon and delayed about one hour. Some other goods trains passing through this section at that time were also got delayed.

It may be noted that the area where the incident occurred is not a forest declared elephant corridor. No information from Forest officials or villagers on the movement of the elephant in the area was received by the nodal railway officials.

As a preventive measure, forest department and railways have dedicated representatives from both sides at the railway’s divisional 24 hr working control office, but no information regarding movement of elephant was available with the forest official available at control as well. After the incident, information was given by railway officials to the Forest department.

All dashing cases are treated like accident. In the past, N.F. Railway has taken various initiatives to avoid train-elephant collision and dashing.  All train drivers and trackman have been counselled to observe all permanent and temporary speed restrictions in notified sections.

Fixing of buzzer with Honey Bee sound at Level crossing gates of vulnerable locations had proved to be an effective method for chasing away elephants. Staff of pantry car as well as train passenger is being sensitized not to throw any eatable, leftover on or near the railway track so that elephants or any other animals don’t get lured to the track.

Signage Boards have been provided at all identified elephant corridors to pre-warn driver at the locations decided by Forest Department.  Clearance of vegetation on both sides of railway track is being done on regular basis to improve visibility of drivers. Constant coordination and communication with Forest department

After the incident of last night, N.F. Railway has proactively decided to conduct a detailed enquiry of the incident and has imposed caution during train movement and reassessment of notified elephant corridors are also being taken in coordination with Forest department.





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