Pala should know better that Roster System is the verdict of the High Court: Adv. Bernita

Shillong, May 05: The A·chik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima rubbishes the statement of Shri Vincet Pala as hogwash, who cautions the government for taking 1972 as a cut off year.

Pala should know better that Roster System is the verdict of the High Court and the press statement of Deputy Chief Minister on 10 April, 2023 affirms that the High Court has remain at the pedestal of 1972 as a cut off year.

As the verdict was given by the High Court after fact findings that the Garos were not given due representation for the last 50 years in accordance with the Meghalaya Job Reservation Policy,1972.

The question of communal tension should not be for personal gain as it is the question of Right, Equity and Justice for the very issue is in connection with the right and justice and does not concern with the communal angle whatsoever.

A·chik Community has been a victim for 50 years to which Mr. Pala is blindfolded and commenting words like ‘communal’ against the justice and equity that the High Court has sanctioned, is of small mind.

The leader has to looked into the justice and equity of all communities and Mr. Pala being a leader of one esteemed party cannot speak on behalf of only one community but should have stood for the justice of all.

If at all Mr. Pala is ready to compensate the youths and the unemployed of the A·chik Community due to the loss of equity and justice of 50 years financially, he should not be uttering such words.

One should know that the Roster System is the verdict of the High Court and any political spoils of these, afflicts the injustices to the A·chik Community, the ball will again go into the Court and if need be even to the Apex of the Country.

The ACHIK organization regretted that the leader of such high level can droop so low on such an issue of justice and equity, said Adv. Bernita R. Marak, LLM General Secretary, Krima Council, ACHIK in the press statement.



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