People Democratic Front sent memorandum to VC of NEHU on issue concerning the University

Shillong, Sept 23: The political party of the People Democratic Front today has sent the memorandum to the Vice Chancellor Prof  Prabha Shankar Shukla on issues concerning the North Eastern Hill University Shilong, Meghalaya.

In the memorandum the PDF expressed its concern over the state of affairs concerning the premiere central university of the North-Eastern Region, the North Eastern Hill University.

Since its inception in 1973, the North Eastern Hill University has been an important university that had shape and builds the career of many students of the state and also students from different parts of the country as well as from abroad.

The University has been the beacon of excellence, of transformation as well as enlighting the young dynamic minds of the state as well as the North-Eastern Region in general.

However, in the last few years the University have witness an unprecedented downward spiral that have affected the administration of the University, the working Environment and most importantly the students of the University.

The PDF pointed out sone of the  important issues that concerns the party, the Vacant posts in Teaching and Non-teaching Staff: This is one of the most critical issues of the University which have affected the students and the University as a whole.

The appointment of Guest Lecturers instead of permanent staff in various departments have resulted in the lack of accommodation of Research Scholars which is so important for pushing the students forward to excel in the field of Research and Development as well as boosting the higher education of the state and the north – eastern region in general.

The lack of faculties in the Non-teaching staff is also another serious setback to the University. The vacant posts in various departments of the Administration in general have been a major stumbling block for the University to excel and prosper as one of the premiere Central University of the Country.

The party pointed out also that there is lack Of allocation of Funds to Academic Activities, as per the latest  NIRF submitted by NEHU it clearly stated that the non- salary  fund was  allocated more to Infrastructure  than the Academic activities.

The party  thus focussing more on maintenance of infrastructure rather than boosting and upgrading the academic aspects of the University which is  of paramount importance to raise the status and pride of the University.

On the regressive Ranking of the University, as per the latest NIRF ranking the North Eastern Hill University have witness a decline in status and prestige among the Central Universities in the country in the last few years which is quite  appalling and shocking.

The PDF  since the University was established with a goal to educate motivate and uplift the people of the state and the North Eastern region in general. The lack of efficiency, vision and dynamic leadership in the past years have resulted in the regressive ranking of the University and affected the higher education in the state.

Increase of seats in Physical Science and Life Science: Considering the limited number of seats in the Physical Sciences and Life Sciences we kindly place before you to increase the number of seats in the said schools.

The other Academics agenda, are setting up of job-oriented courses: Departments such as Fisheries, Geo Informatic System, Forestry,Animal Husbandry, Food Processing, Rural Development and other job-oriented courses which are of great importance to enhance and uplift the socio-economic aspect of the State of Meghalaya and the North Eastern region in general.

Therefore, the party would kindly request your esteem office to initiate and introduce these courses. Fee Structure: There is a need to reduce the fee structure of the different professional courses offered by the School of Technology in the University so as to provide equal opportunity to the various aspirants of the North Eastern region.

Timely declaration of Examination results, According to the notification vide letter Ref No: F. No: Conf/13-5/ord./99 (Vol. III)- 857 dated 13th August, 2010 the amendment of the ordinance which is of immediate effect with regards to OC-15 clause 6, semester calendar.

The notification vide letter Ref No: No. F. Conf/13-5/ORD/99(Vol- VI)- 62 dated 10.06.2015 which stand modified on clause – 6 of ordinance OC-15, semester results were supposed to be published by all concerned department on every 1st of February and every 14th of August of every semester.

However, in the past years the declaration of results has been delayed many times and this has affected the students in different aspects and especially those who are pursuing higher studies. Therefore, strong and concerted effort should be made to bring in an efficient system that will finally ensure timely declaration of examination results.

The party urged the University  for setting up of CSIR-NET examination Centre, The students of Life Science and Physical sciences are facing problems physically and financially in appearing NET examination, of which the closest center is at Guwahati.

It is time to speed up the process of setting of the CSIR-NET center at NEHU, Sports Infrastructure: Sports is one of the most important extra -curriculum activity in universities.

It helps in the holistic development of the youth of the society, NEHU even being one of the important universities in the NER lack quality sports infrastructure.

Therefore, the party would kindly request you to please ensure the installation of proper and quality sports infrastructure so that the university can excel itself in various inter-university competitions.

The Party would like to expressed that the issues stated above should be address urgently as they can have a major implication on the education sector of the state and the region as a whole.

The Party kindly request your esteemed office to kindly take appropriate action on the various issues mention above so that we can bring back the University to its old prestige and glory, said Mr. Auspicious L Mawphlang General Secretary People’s Democratic Front.






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