Prime Minister Mr Modi urged the Chief Ministers of N.E State to focus on the vaccination drive

Shillong, July 13: The Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi today held meeting with the Chief Ministers of the Northeast and Home Minister and Health Minister of Government of India was held today.

In the two hour long meeting detailed presentation, was given by the officials of Government of India, the Health Department on the current status of the positivity rate, as well as the vaccination and other data related to Covid-19 for the different States of the Northeast region.

During the meeting the different Chief Ministers of the North Eastern States presented the Covid report of their respective states in the discussion with the prime minister of India in the Meeting.

In the meeting it was mentioned about the fact that the Covid wave is something that they have seen in the past also hits the Northeast after the rest of the country. So therefore this was something that was in expected lines in one way.

This time is has given a time to prepare in terms of infrastructure and oxygen supply and other factors. They are seeing that they are at a point where things are now.

They have seen a steady decline but the decline has not been at the rate that was anticipated and maybe because of the fact that they have a lot of scattered population, in the dense areas, they have seen the numbers come up immediately and then it went down.

But in the rural areas they were seeing that the spread has been more and is taking time to come down completely. So but they are expecting that in the next few weeks, things should look much better than what they are today.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr. Conrad K Sangma said that positivity rate has come down below 10% for the State of Meghalaya. They are seeing two districts as of now, which are seeing 10 plus percentage of positivity rates.

But the big concern for the state still remains our vaccination drive, and we are still below the national average in certain cases. The Government has taken up the vaccination drive on a mission mode.

The Chief Minister inform that they have asked the MLAs, MDCs and also the civil society leaders and religious leaders to help and contribute towards how we could enhance the vaccination drive and we have seen positive results in the last few days.

Meghalaya Government they  are hopeful that we will see the rates of vaccination go up even higher in the coming weeks and months. They are hopeful that if the State is able to intensify the vaccination drive by upto about 20,000 to 25,000 vaccinations per day, we expect to complete the vaccination of all the eligible population by the end of September or early October.

Mr. Cornad thank the  Government of India and to the Prime Minister for their continuous support in this difficult times. Government of India has been very generous in giving the vaccinations free of cost to all population above the age of 18.

At the same time government of India has also supplied us with PSA oxygen plants for different districts. Approximately, 14 of them have been sanctioned by government of India and at the same time, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, and different healthcare equipments and infrastructure have been given by Government of India.

All the Chief Ministers had thanked the honorable Prime Minister and Government of India, and the health department for the continuous support in this fight against Covid-19.

The Prime Minister has urged all the Chief Ministers to lay more focus on the vaccination drive as the vaccination is the only way to beat Covid in the long run.

It was a very productive meeting and once again with all the Chief Ministers thanked the honorable Prime Minister for having this special meeting for the states of the Northeast only, which really gave us a lot of time to express our concerns and also for the Prime Minister to be able to focus on the issues related to the Northeast.

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