SARS-  CoV-2  detected  in UK, entrants    required  to declare  their  travel  history  

Shillong, Dec 24: A new  variant  of  SARS-  CoV-2  virus  has  been  detected  in United  Kingdom  (UK) which   is  estimated   to  be  more  transmissible  and  affecting   younger   population. In  view thereof,  all entrants  to the State   from or transited  through  UK in the past 4 weeks  (from 25th  November  to  23rd   December 2020)  are  required  to declare  their  travel  history  (of  past  14 days) to the Surveillance Units   in the State and at the Districts and undergo RT-PCR  test.

All  those  tested  positive  shall  be  isolated  in an  institutional  isolation  facility   in a separate  (isolation) unit  coordinated by the  State  Health  Authorities. Those  who  are  found negative  on testing  with  RT-PCR  are to undergo  7 days of institutional  quarantine followed by another  7 days of home quarantine, monitored  by the IDSP/District Surveillance Officers.

All those who have  entered   the  State  from   U.K.  in the  past  4  weeks  (from  25th November   to  23rd December  2020) are  requested   to  self-monitor  for  development of symptoms  suggestive of  COVID-19 i.e.  Fever,  Cough,  Difficulty   in  breathing  for  28  days from  the  date  of  arrival   from  UK.  In  case  of  development  of  symptoms (fever,  cough, difficulty  in breathing),  put on a mask  immediately, isolate  oneself  at home and  inform  the District Surveillance Officer or contact  State Helpline  108 or the following  Numbers:-

IDSP Unit Contact  Number
State IDSP 9436105574/7085251352/9742384727
East Khasi  Hills 9615289714/8971052320
West Jaintia  Hills 9436106868/9620649028
West Khasi  Hills 8794735427/8861109352
Ri-Bhoi 9615991059/8787496155
West Garo  Hills 9436112376/9612793278
East Jaintia  Hills 8837071757/9791075838
South  Garo Hills 8731998727/9148850634
East Garo Hills 8974078414/9856823702
North Garo  Hills 961261 1821/9615280507
South  West Khasi  Hills 7005168115/9123521700
South  West Garo  Hills 8257061562/7892952672

In view of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus being detected, it is important to exercise extra caution.  Hence the residents are urged to strictly adhere to the following advisories:

Always wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when you are in close proximity with someone, especially   while speaking, singing    and praying.  This will prevent infection and contamination through droplets.

Maintain   physical  distance   at  all  times  in  public  and  personal  spaces  including  at home,   workplace,  religious   gatherings   or  while   travelling   in  public   or  private transport. Follow  all the  public  health  measures  of infection  prevention  and  control  laid down by the State Government.



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