Social activist Mr. Bashai appeal for installation of an ATM under MCAB at Mawsynram Branch  

Shillong, Sept 21: Social activist appeal for installation the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) under MCAB Mawsynram Branch. As a Responsible Concerned Citizen to look into the matter concerning towards the people responsible who needs help especially in rural areas towards the Bank Customer representatives.

The MCAB Mawsynram Branch which is given fully services to their own Bank Customers also having more than 70,000 Customers which services from Tyrsad Village areas to Ranikor C&RD Block.

The MCAB Mawsynram Branch also look into the matter concerning towards the thousand Job Card Holders of MGNREGA scheme which have to maintain their own Bank Account into the Branch. Being a concerned citizen, I’ll have to request to the Head Office of MCAB to look into the matter which related to your MCAB Bank Customers in Mawsynram Branch.

The MCAB Bank Customers also followed very strictly as per the Protocols given by the Government during this season of Covid-19 Pandemic. Most of the customers they will have to be waited for a long time for just updating their Passbook Account or even those who needs Cash Withdrawal from the Bank by standing more than an hour.

Many more Bank customers they came during Marketing Days from different villages in Mawsynram Village but before market responsibility or buying, they will have to go to the Bank for withdrawal cash and also some of them needs to go for taking medication at the time of injury or even to family members, but should be waited for a long time at the Bank just for cash withdrawal.

Therefore, on 20th Sept 2021, in his meeting with Shri. O. Nongbri, the Managing Director of the MCAB Ltd Head Office Meghalaya – Shillong and given a memorandum, he listen and hear my appeal by demanding to install the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as soon as possible under MCAB Mawsynram Branch for giving a fully responsible to the Bank Customers during these days as an average time for trying to make them peaceful by giving them through these hard times.

Also as a Social Activist, he do not expect more than anything which will be done, but he do want the Head Office of the Bank to hear and listen on how the people’s appeal when they are struggling during this time of Covid-19 and also as we are all knew that ATM allows customers to complete basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. Anyone with a credit card or debit card can access cash at most ATMs. Said Mr. S. Banshai Marbaniang in the press statement.

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