The 5 by 1 Mile Race Series is an effort to raise money to help keep Children in School

Shillong, Oct 18: The 5 by 1 Mile Race Series is an effort to raise money to help keep  Children in School.Each year, in Rural Meghalaya, children are dropping out of school simply because their families cannot afford school supplies.

In consideration of this, MaplePine Bed and Breakfast  along with the  support of Hill Mount School, Seng Samla Saitsohpen, Seng Samla Gate,  Neng Gate, Phlangshlan Pynursla, as well as Mebaeri Resort and Umta  Village,  is raising money to help, at least a few children stay and continue their education.

To date more than Rs. 1,50,000.  has been raised by donations from  families and friends.  All donations will go directly to sponsor  children s school Supplies.  Each child sponsored will get up to Rs. 3000. in supplies – including school bag, text books, copies, instrument  box.

Each child will be picked from 5 different areas where along with this effort a first for Meghalaya, there well be a Race Series with  prize money sponsored by MaplePine Bed and Breakfast and Cultural  Pursuits Adventures.
Each race will be held and organized by local organizations, who have come forward for this very important task.

The races are  December 14th 2019 at Hill Mount School Myria Lyngiong,  the second race  will be on December 28th at Saitsohpen, Sohra, the 3rd Race will be  January 18 at Pynursla, the 4th Race will be at Bamaeri Resort Umta village Ri Bhoi District, and the 5th Race will be at MaplePine Farm Bed
and Breakfast Lyngkien.

Each race will be 1 mile with total prize money for series winners of 2 Lacs.  With Rs. 20,000. going to the first overall in the Male and Female Categories, 10,000. for 2nd overall and for 3rd overall, as well as Age Category prize money.

To be eligible for overall prize money and Age Category Prize money  participants must finish at least 3 of the Race Series Events.  Those  wanting to participate or donate can take forms from,   Hotel Alpine  Continental Thana Roadd, Lake View Inn opposite State Bank Main Branch, Neo Sports Bara Bazar opposite Godwin Hotel Hill Mount School Lyngiong, Phermoon khonglam Store Pynursla, Dawn Studio and  Vizel  Enterprise, Lad Thanat Saitsohpen,Huns Hardware Mawngap.


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