The BJP claim they are the only option for corruption free development of Meghalaya  

Shillong Feb 21: The BJP claim they are the only option for corruption free development of Meghalaya, various leaders of the BJP spoke at two public rallies in Shillong today organised at Gorkha Pathshala ground and at Golflink.

The rallies were addressed by BJP leaders and candidates Mariahom Kharkrang, Sanbor Shullai, Ernest Mawrie and A. L. Hek. All of them expressed their confidence and faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and were united in stating that only the BJP can give the clean and development oriented government that Meghalaya needs and deserves. They said the people of Meghalaya.

Also speaking at the rally were Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs, John Barla, and BJP National Spokesperson, Sambit Patra. Addressing the large crowds of thousands and thousands of people who had gathered at both venues, the leaders minced no words in calling out the fallacies of the NPP government, and the hollow promises of the TMC and INC.

Sambit Patra spoke about how the BJP is the only party in the country which delivers what it promises. He highlighted how Dr. Manmohan Singh had only ever come to the North East two times, and that was to cast his vote. On the other hand, our dynamic Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited the region almost 60 times, and has given wings to the Act East policy of the Government of India.

It is the Prime Minister’s efforts that have mainstreamed the Northeast of India after 70 years of Independence. Today NE means the ‘New-Engine’ of Growth of India, and the NE was ‘Non-Existent’ under the Congress. Patra said the TMC is a corrupt and communal party from Bengal which wants to divide Meghalaya and import citizens. For the first time after the TMC’s arrival in the political scene of Meghalaya, we can see political violence during the elections.

Peace and Prosperity, he said were the two Ps of the BJP that will drive development in Meghalaya, and they can trust only the BJP to bring this to the state. Patra said, the NPP, TMC and Congress also believe in 2 Ps – Paisa (money) and Pariwar (their own family).

At Golflink, both John Barla and Sambit Patra started their speech after paying tribute to Mother Mary, and then bowing before the elderly who were present at the venue.

MoS, John Barla spoke about the inclusive governance and development policies of the PM Modi led BJP government. He stated that only the BJP has worked to actually empower the the tribals and the minority communities of the state and the country, and have never planned to keep them dependent like the Congress did.

He said that it is the determination of the BJP to ensure that the last person, the most deprived, is uplifted and empowered first, and in the implementation of this vision, the BJP has never and will never discriminate between people on the basis of their age, gender, religion, caste, etc.

A former pastor of the Church, John Barla spoke about his humble background and about how PM Modi ji elevated him to his current position of responsibility. He said that during Covid, when political parties disappeared from public, it was Modi ji who stood fast with the people and provided them free ration and vaccination.

The Union Home Minister’s flight could not land at the Umroi airport due to bad weather despite repeated attempts. The hon’ble Home Minister tried taking a helicopter from the Guwahati airport in order to the meet the people at the public meetings. However, the weather did not permit that either. Amit Shah ji then address the crowd over phone and sought their support for the BJP. He apologised for not being there and promised to come and meet them again soon.

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