The BJP has sought suggestions from the people of Meghalaya for the party manifesto

Shillong, Feb 03: The BJP has sought suggestions from the people of Meghalaya for the party manifesto. The party has launched an aspiration collection drive that is aimed at recording the dreams and wishes of the people of the state so that they may be drafted into a manifesto that the party will release for the upcoming elections.

The BJP wants to address the real issues that the people of Meghalaya face on a day to day basis. And for this the party has given voice to the people. It is the general public who experiences and understands that real issues of the state. It is the people who know what they really need. And therefore it is the right of the people to write their own manifesto that will govern them in the coming days.

The BJP has invited people to register their suggestions for the ‘people’s manifesto’ by giving a missed call to 836 000 6060 or by logging on to These suggestions will then be collated into the manifesto of the party.

The next 5 years will mark a historic shift in the way that the state is governed, BJP said. Thus far, decisions were being made is wooden panelled board rooms according to the whims of the rulers who are driven by their own interests.

Now, leaders, as public servants, will implement projects on the basis of the real needs of the people of Meghalaya even from the remotest locations. This departure from the accepted way of misgovernance in Meghalaya will usher in a new era of development and uplift the entire state in a role model.

The BJP seeks to develop Meghalaya upwards from the grassroot. The party believes that the voice of the last man should be heard first, their issues should be addressed first, they should be empowered first, and that is how the entire state will progress together.


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