The BJP Meghalaya State Unit demand for the imposition of Administrator Rule in GHADC

Shillong, March 11: The President of the BJP Meghalaya State Unit Mr Ernest Mawri alleged that the voting on the No Confidence that has been moved in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council today is done in a manipulative manner.

The president of the BJP Meghalaya State Unit said that, the Chairman of GHADC made BJP to lose by serving notice in the last minute. Some of the MDCs received the notice for the session in the session hall.

During the voting, the Chairman of the GHADC (NPP) did not approve secret ballot but asked for head count in spite of multiple requests from the MDCs. He served the noticed for Budget Session and Discussion and Voting on No Confidence Motion in the last minute.

The Chairman of GHADC served the notice to the MDCs one hour before the session and most of the MDCs did not get the notice in time. The Session was fixed for 11:00 AM and the notice was served at 10:00 AM.

Due to short time Notice, one of the BJP MDC could not make it to the session in time and there was a tie. NPP won by Chairman’s vote which is not fair in a 30 member house, 14- 15 is not a majority, it has to be minimum 16 members.

Mr Ernest said that they  will take all the necessary steps to challenge the validity of the numbers claimed by the NPP. This is a similar situation like KHADC therefore, as one of the Party enjoys the majority in the House, the BJP  want Administrative Rule to be imposed in GHADC immediately.

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