The brawl between Khasis and Mizos in NEHU Hostel it has been solved amicably

Shillong, Oct 07: With regards to the brawl between Khasis and Mizos in NEHU, as per info matter has been solved amicably. It has no issue regarding the differences between Mizos and Khasis, its simply a misunderstanding between hostel inmates.

“I had a telephonic conversation with Ricky Lalbiakmawia Colney Advisor of Mizo Zirlai Pawl, Aizawl and Lalnunmawia Pautu, President of MZP, Mizoram. All of 3 of us decided that this issue should not escalate further to create a rift within the Khasi-Mizo brotherhood”. said Mr. Donal V Thabah general secretary KSU.

The two student body requested the media as well as the public should refrain from painting a communal color. Finally, the 3 of us agreed that a meeting should be held between the KSU, MZP and the Mizo community leaders based in Shillong.

As per a news item report which came in media on  7th October regarding the scuffle between NEHU students of two communities, residing at Mawthadraishan, Hostel of Residence hostel 20, authorities have convened an emergent meeting on October 7th and the matter has been resolved amicably.

The statement in the report of the above news item that a Pnar student was harassed by the intoxicated Mizo students is totally wrong and no one has been hospitalized.

The emergent meeting was chaired by the honorable Vice Chancellor (in-charge) Prof. Henry Lamin and attended by officials and the students from both the communities along with representatives from NEHUSU, Shillong. Both parties reached to an unconditional compromise and the matter has been settled peacefully.

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