The CBI seeking approval of MOHFW for proceeding against NEIGRIHMS Cardiology

Shillong, August 9: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which was investigating the implant scam and assets created by HOD Cardiology, Dr. Animesh Mishra, HOD Cardiology based on the reports emanating from NEIGRIHMS Shillong, Meghalaya High court case for disruption of cath lab surgeries in May 2019 first week following seizure of 32 lakh rupees stents, pacemakers and other surgical implants from Sanjo Pharmacy ( a private pharmacy run by the wife of a technician in radiodiagnosis department-Shri. Joshua Kharbouli) and subsequent CBI scrutiny in cardiology, orthopaedics and radiology as a part of anti-corruption all India drive is seeking approval of Ministry of Health and Welfare, New Delhi. Dr. Animesh Mishra has been paying visits to CBI office to close this case.

Dr. Mishra was asking Sanjo pharmacy to visit Cath lab in cardiology department on daily basis to supply stents, pacemakers and implants at higher prices to run a private syndicate to derive benefits and create assets out of proportion of his income.

This syndicate had been working for last 10-12 years as per the statements of DM cardiology students available you tube videos uploaded. His other two colleagues Dr. Manish Kapoor, Associate Professor and Dr. Amit Malviya, Assistant Professor were equal partners in this implant scam in NEIGRIHMS. All three of them belong to Varanasi.

This is why Dr. Animesh Mishra is so powerful? The whistle blower, the director, Dr. DM Thappa shown the door while corrupt is being safe guarded. AMRIT pharmacy was by passed which is supposed to supply these items at subsidized rates to hospital patients.

Despite bringing this into notice of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi from 2017 to 2020, Director was asked to have a cordial relationship with Dr. Animesh Mishra. When matter surfaced in Media, faculty members close to Mishra portraying from NEIGRIHMS Faculty Association charged Director of tarnishing the image of the institute.

Earlier Institute self-run pharmacy was closed in 2016-17 to open private vendor “Life Care Pharmacy” in the institute premises with the help of current Deputy Director Administration (DDA) Shri. David T Umdor (against the advice of the Director In charge Dr. Prithwis Bhattacharyaa). Now AMRIT pharmacy is being targeted and being closed with the help of private pharmacy lobby and DDA. The nexus between various parties is deep to be scrutinized by Central Bureau of Investigations.

After 30th April 2019 seizure of stents, pacemakers and implants of Sanjo pharmacy, cardiology department started utilizing the stents and other accessories from AMRIT pharmacy with the intervention of Meghalaya High Court, but pacemakers were continued to be procured from private parties outside NEIGRIHMS authorized pharmacies.

Cath lab has been put at a cost of Rs. 10 crore rupees with annual maintenance of Rs. 25-26 lakh rupees. There is another cath lab which is mobile not being used, even when fixed cath lab goes out of order. These assets institute had created for the benefits of the public but still public is paying price for stenting which is higher than even corporate sector, stated Dr. DM Thappa Former Director (2017-2020), NEIGRIHMS in the press statement today.


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