The decision of the Govt to declare total lockdown for five days is unavoidable:KHNAM

Shillong, May 5: The present situation in the state due to high rise in the Carona case will push the citizen of the state to the extreme especially the daily wages earner.

During this time we strongly recommend that the Government should instruct all the hospitals no to bill the general people for the PPE, Gloves, Sanitizers and other equipment’s additionally used in the hospital used while treating a patient.

Since the Carona first wave it has been witness that the general public who visit various hospitals for treatment of various ailments are being additionally bill for these items which are used by the medical practitioner.

Since last year the economy of the general public has been affected immensely therefore the Government should come up with a solution so that it serves as a relieved to the general people.

The incapability of the state government to tackle the carona virus cases at the entry point has led to a stage where lockdown and other extreme measure have become unavoidable.

It has been reported that individuals who enter the state have been tested and then sent home without the result being declared, which can be termed as a very carless move at this hour of emergency.

The decision of the Government to declare total lockdown for five days is unavoidable; however, urgent declaration could have been avoided to avoid panic amongst the people.

Immediately after the declaration of five days lockdown by the Government, we have witness crowds everywhere, running for essential commodities, the market place look dangerously over crowded.

Now who will be accountable for this? We would have expected the Government to send a clear picture of a possibility of a complete lockdown rather than ruling out complete lockdown all this time.

The Competency of Governance will be tested in the emergency times like this and we hope that our competent leaders in the state will ensure the same so that lives can be saved said Mr. Thomas Passah President KHNAM State Youth Wing in the press statement.

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