The General Secretary of the HNLC claim that Mr Wankupar was not a surrender

Shillong, Feb 14: The general secretary of the band outfit Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) Mr Saiñkupar Nongtraw said that recent surrender of thier Ex finance secretary Mr Wankupar Marwein was actually not a surrender as appeared in the media, but it was his personal stand to retire from his duties as he had served the HNLC for the last twenty years.

His retirement application letter was received two months back and it was then decided  by the organization to relieve  him of his duties. At the same time we had appointed Marius Rynjah(Hepkhoit)as the new  finance secretary  and Chandame Passah as the assistant finance secretary. We wish W Marwein a good life and health ahead.

Moreover,the HNLC seriously advices the Police Dept to refrain from passing false information about our organisation’s  financial condition.Rather, it will serve them good to look at their own shady revenue collection which is done through illegal supply of coal and cattle smuggling in the entire state. The police  should be  aware that the entire state is facing a financial crisis.

That is the reason why the police is earning their private revenue through the illegal supply of coal and cattle smuggling. Every police station, every officer in charge and  every  district Superintendent of Police has their own share of percentage either in cattle smuggling  or illegal supply of coal, alleged the HNLC .

The police should look at their own illegal extortions rather than pointing fingers at us. The lawmakers are the ultimate lawbreakers. This has been proved by the recent CBI enquiry regarding the coal scam. Everyone knows who are the real culprits of this massive coal extortion racket. We have obtained several video clips whereby police officials are extorting money from truck drivers.

The police should stop provoking them by making negative statements, It’s an open secret that events of such a magnitude besides its splendour are more a money spinning event for some political manipulators and few individuals.

The band outfit claim that they has embraced in its arms many cadres since its inception. Many fell to the Bullets and were martyred  . But that never broke their determination.

As an organization we shall never loose ground. It is like a school of thought, Students come and students go but the school foundation and its ideology remains. The band outfit claim that they shall  carry on no matter what the difficulties and consequences out lift their ideology said Mr Saiñkupar Nongtraw General secretary cum Publicity secretary,HNLC in the press statement issued today.


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