The GSU, AYWO and FAF support the agitation of the NGEA in the GHADC

Tura, May 9: The GSU, AYWO and FAF would like to stress that the new Executive Committee of the GHADC instead of understanding the genuine grievances of the employees of GHADC had taken recourse to threatening the members of NGEA who have not yet been paid their salary for more than 30 months with job termination.

The GSU, AYWO and FAF support the agitation of the NGEA and will be involved full time in their fight for justice and dues deserved by them.

To stress there is no Financial Rules and Service Rules (FRSR) in the GHADC which makes no one accountable for revenue collections and thereby lack of transparency without liability to anyone; the root of financial corruption and for their security as employees.

During the last meeting held with the new members of the Ex Committee at the Circuit House, Tura on the 28th 0f April’21, the matter of financial regulation and accountability issue was discussed which was considered necessary to stem the tide of financial corruption in the future.

The issue of the disbursal of salary for the first five months was also discussed, though on our part, was subject to the acceptance by NGEA of the proposal which they have clearly not.

Besides the NGEA has declared that the GHADC is open and the officers are allowed to work with the exception of the secretary and it is only that they do not appreciate being unpaid employees which is the main bone of contention.

In spite of non payment of their salaries the employees in the past before their agitation have kept the GHADC running which is commendable hence their last ditch effort to highlight their woes to the concerned authorities is valid and their actions are democratically legit.

The employees have families and school expenses of their student children. What hell they must have gone through for daily food, fees and expenditures, for health issues. How many have died because they were simply unable to pay the hospital bills.

The horrendous treatments of the employees have gone on for long enough and we deem it a tragedy and inhumane and it is a humanitarian issue.

A maximum of the GHADC employees are our own people and we will fight tooth and nail for their rights. If even one of the employees is terminated we will push ahead together with agitations and call for strikes of the GHADC, demonstrations and bandhs in Garo Hills.

The declaration of the boycott of the GHADC Elections 2021 was not only for the demand for non-inclusion of non tribal in the District Council Elections and Separate Electoral Roll but also for the clearance of salaries of the council employees which is now more than 30 months.

So they urge the competent authority that the demands put forth are contemplated upon for fruition rather than conclude for fractious escalation of the issue, said Mr. Tengsak G.Momin President GSU CEC, Tura.

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