The High Level Delegation from Punjab submitted the letter sent by their Chief Minister: James

Shillong, June 20: Meghalaya Home Minister Mr James K Sangma said that the High Level Delegation from Punjab, they have submitted a letter from their Chief Minister which was addressed to Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma.

In the meeting with the delegiation, they have raise concern on the safety and security of the Sikh community living in Shillong in light of certain threats which were made against their community.

In the meeting “I have given the assurance that we are taking all possible steps possible on security and safety of the Sikh community in Meghalaya.  The delegation has expressed their satisfaction on the assurance given by the Government”, Said Meghalaya Home Minister.

When asked if the delegation insisted that the Sikh population should not be relocated, he said that the matter is being looked into the High Level Committee (HLC) and the Meghalaya High Court. The government is doing everything to ensure security to all section of people living in Meghalaya.

The committee has the term of reference and accordingly the committee is working towards finding a long term and one time solution to this entire problem. Till the HLC submits its report and he willnot like to comment about that.

We have a very peaceful situation in the State right now. Anyone intentionally want to vitiate that in mind by coming out with such kind of statement. We will take firm action against them. The district administration has been told to take firm action.

When asked how serious is the HLNC hreat, James stated that it does not matter who the threats comes from. Let it be any individual. But for us we take every situation seriously. We have asked the Home department to see  no untoward incident takes place.

When asked that the High Level Committee has gone a little bit too slow to complete the job which is assigned, he said that this issue is not an issue which just crop last year. The genesis and problem dates very long time back. When a problem has been going for a very long time finding solution will also take adequate amount of time.

For the HLC to hurry on everything just to find solution it would be wrong. If they missed out on something it would be a grave injustice.He also that the issue is also being monitored by the Meghalyaa HIgh Court.

“We must ensure that the HLC conducts the whole proceeding in a manner which will be complete in every sense. When the solution is arrived and report is submitted, it is a complete solution which will ensure that it will be a one time and a long term solution”, he said.

We have to bear with the time which is being taken here if we want a solution which is complete in every sense. We would like the HLC take everything in consideration everything before it submits its report.






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