The HYC complaints on the alleged irregularities in  the Dept Printing and stationary

Shillong, July 11: The HYC-CEC, today have submitted a complaint before the Chief Minister, the Minister In-charge, Printing and Stationery Department and Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya, for Unauthorised Expenditures, irregularities, illegal allotment of works and undue favour to a particular firm by the Directorate Printing and Stationery Department, Government of Meghalaya .

That, as per RTI informations available, it has come to the knowledge of the organisation  knowledge that the CAG Reports has detected certain irregularities in the Printing and Stationery Department, Government of Meghalaya leading to the unauthorised and misappropriation of huge amount of public fund for the period 2010 to 2020.

The HYC stated that the observations made by the Office of the Principal Accountant General, (Audit), Meghalaya, Shillong for the period February, 2010 to November, 2019, Unauthorised expenditures due to procurement of materials from disqualified supplier.

The Director of Printing and Stationery placed Supply Orders valued Rs 87.58 lakh from a Firm which the Purchase Board Committee of the Directorate has rejected the tender submitted by the concern Firm due to non-fulfilment of certain condition. Thus the Directorate has failed to uphold due care and transparency as the disqualified tenderer/firm was given a Supply Orders worth Rupees 87.85 Lakh.

Avoidable Expenditures of Rs 203500/- due to irregularity in procurement of single colour sheet feed Offset machine: As per records it is observed that while Five Firms submitted their quotations, one Firm quoted the lowest Rate of Rs 743250/- while another Firm quoted the 2nd lowest rate of Rs 845000/-.

 However, the Director of Printing and Stationery awarded the contract for procurement of the Machines at an amount of Rs 845000/- which shows that undue favour is given to the particular firm and thus resulted in an extra burden of Rs 203500/- to the State exchequer.

The Irregularities in outsourcing printing works to private firms without following due process leading to unauthorised expenditures of Rs 121.89 Lakh-  In the Year 2015, the Mission Director, State Health Society (NHM), Meghalaya requested the Directorate, Printing & Stationery to carry out printing works of materials required under NHM.

The Directorate the outsourced the Printing works to the Firm known as Shree Hari Industries worth Rs 112.17 lakh without inviting tender or NIT. The said Firm has no printing press or any expertise in printing works. The Directorate also made payment of Rs 17.85 lakh to M/S R.K.S Enterprise for printing of HNBC Forms and flex without inviting tender.

It is also observed that though the Directorate was not involved in the printing works, all the Bills are prepared by the Firms and sealed, signed by the Directorate certifying that the Bills are verified and found to be correct. It only acts as a middleman in the whole process, which is highly irregular.

Thus, due to the failure of the Directorate in ensuring transparency in allotment of printing works through NIT coupled with the engagement of a firm not involved in printing works resulted in irregular payment of Rs 127.73 lakh. It also shows that the Directorate has provided undue favour to the Firm by allotting works without calling for any NIT and without any expertise or printing press.

Purchase of computer from a particular supplier without inviting tender:-  It is found that the Directorate had purchased 9 Nos of Computers from one particular supplier viz M/s Shree Hari Industries without any rate quotation or NIT in the year 2017. This was a clear case of favouritism to the particular Firm, which is highly irregular and against the Meghalaya Financial Rules.

Other deficiencies and irregularities as observed like “Avoidable expenditures due to delay in payment of electricity bills worth Rs.171 lakh”;  “Double payment of Electricity Bill”;  “Idle stock worth Rs 47.48 lakh”;  “Non-adjustment of TA Advance on Medical ground”;  “Non-adjustment of Medical advances amounting to Rs 23.04 lakh”;  “Irregularities in maintenance of Cash Books”;  “Irregularities in depositing of Government Receipt”; “Discrepancies in maintaining of Receipt Book”;  “Non-maintanace of Stock Book for Revenue Receipt”; and “Non-conduct of Physical Verification of Stores and Stocks”.

Based on the above facts and circumstances, HYC demanded conducting an Inquiry on the alleged irregularities, Misappropriation of public fund and corruption by providing undue favour to a particular firm without following due process and to fix responsibility on every person involved in this illegal act.

And pending Inquiry, it is demanded that the Director of Printing and Stationery, Government of Meghalaya, Shillong be put under suspension as provided under Rule 6 (1) (a) of the Meghalaya Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 2019, in order to ensure a free, fair and just Inquiry and to prevent the incumbent Director to manipulate, hamper or tamper with evidences, records and also to prevent him from misusing his position to influence any person(s) acquainted with the subject matter of Inquiry.

A copy of our Complaint is also sent to the Chairman and Members of the Public Accounts Committee seeking their intervention and action to be taken on the matter, said Mr. Roykupar Synrem General Secretary of the HYC central Body .


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