The HYC sent Memo to Chief Minister on treatments of COVID-19 patients in private Hospital

Shillong, May 22: The General Secretary HYC has sent memorandum to the Chief Minister Mr. Conrad K Sangma on the treatment of Covid-19 Patients in the Private Hospitals of the State.

In the Memorandum the organisation said that, it pains the organization to learn that fighting the war against Corona Virus has not only been nightmarish on the health front but also on the wealth front.

In the words of the Judges of the Supreme Court of India while issuing certain directions in a suo moto case on the subject, ‘even if one survives Covid-19, a person often is ruined financially and economically as the treatment cost for the disease has become unaffordable for the common people’.

That, in the said suo moto case before a Bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan in the Supreme Court of India dated 18.12.2020 it was held that it is the duty of the State to make provisions for affordable treatment and provisions in hospitals ran and managed by them and if that does not meet the expectations or the requirements, then State Governments should exercise powers under the relevant laws to put a cap on treatment costs by Private Hospitals. The Court also held that the “right to health includes affordable treatment”.

That, coming to our very own State, Meghalaya it is learnt that the cost of treatment for Covid-19 patients in Private Hospitals is a costly affair . We were informed of a particular case where the treatment cost for a 13 days stay (the patient died on the 14th Day) in the general isolation ward of One Private Hospital in the city cost a whopping Rs. 2,49,350/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Fourty Nine Thousands Three Hundred Fifty) which included inter alia Pharmacy Charges of about Rs. 65,000/-; Oxygen Charges of about Rs. 91,000/-; Lab investigation Charges of Rs. 11,300/-; Accommodation charges Rs.14,300/- (13 days); Medical Attendance Charges of Rs. 8400/- (14 days) and Others/Additional Charges of Rs 25,200/- (14 days).

These charges are exclusive of food bills and other expenditures. Out of the above total Billed amount, the family members were required to pay an amount of Rs. 2,15,550/- out of their own pockets even though the patient is registered under the MHIS.

These people are mere daily wage labourers and it anguishes to know that they had to beg and borrow to clear the dues towards the Hospital and we are certain that this is just one of the many such cases in the State.

That, in the absence of any Government Orders or Circulars or letters to this effect, the low income group of people are left at the mercy of these Private Hospitals regarding the cost of treatment and as per our information the cost of treatment for Covid-19 ranges from Rs. 1,50,000/- to 2,50,000/- depending on the number of days of stay and the severity of the disease.

This will affect majority of the people in the state financially and economically and will even discourage people to seek treatment in Private Hospitals as a result of which innumerable precious lives will be lost. The HYC seek government intervention in this regard and immediate action.

The HYC also put forth their suggestion that Government should create more infrastructures under its management to provide necessary and free treatment to Covid-19 Patients; or  The tate Government should issue an Order rationalising hospital charges or putting a Cap on Prices for Covid-19 treatment by Private Hospitals in the State or subsidize some components of treatment.

The State Government should prescribe rates as per slabs duly fixed by it for specified components for Covid-19 treatment in Private Hospitals including charges for bed, food & other amenities, monitoring, nursing and attendance charges, doctor’s fee, investigation, treatment as per protocols, oxygen, etc.

The State Government may prescribe for a fixed rate of treatment per day for NABL and non-NABL accredited Private Hospitals depending on the severity of the disease of a patient.

The State Government may provide that the contribution amount through MHIS card to be 70% of the Total Billed amount in case of Covid-19 treatment for persons requiring treatment in ICU with or without Ventilators.

That, State Government should provide for a Mortuary van to transport dead bodies of Covid patients especially outside Shillong City as at present, relatives of the deceased belonging to areas outside the municipal areas have to arrange for transportation facilities by themselves.

The memorandum sign by the general secretary Mr Roy Kupar Synrem and the same was sent to Deputy Chief Minister, Health minister and Director Health Department.

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