The Khasi New year was observed the mid night of Thursday at Upper Shillong

Shillong, Nov 05: On the midnight of 4th November, 2021 torches were lit at the courtyard of Bah Spiton Kharakor to mark the onset of the Khasi new year the following day of 5th November, 2021.

The man behind the idea of a formal celebration of the Khasi new year day, Bah Spiton Kharakor narrated the discussion during the death anniversary of his friend, Bah B Nishan Wahlang where Bah Herman Nongrum disclosed his encounter with the deceased where they ultimately resolved to take an oath for the acknowledgement of secular and divine conscience or Tipbriew Tipblei in Khasi parlance at every dawn of a new day in a year.

Thereafter, Kharakor conducted research and discovered the process of the Khasi ethnic system of seasons and the beginning of a new day each year. Riti Academy was entrusted with the task of compiling and publishing the ethnic calendar based on the lunar cycle of moon phases, which is the usual calculation of the rural people in the agrarian method.

During the celebration both Kharakor and Nongrum shared their experiences where the convergence of ideas emerged for a befitting observation of the Khasi new year day, which falls on the occasion of moon rise on 4th November, 2021.

The annual cycle will conclude on the 23rd November, 2022, which coincides with the fifth death anniversary of Bah B Nishan Wahlang, to which more thoughts are delved upon for a solemn celebration.

Consequently, care is being taken to coordinate the Khasi lunar calendar with the conventional Gregorian calendar for universal purposes. In this regard, the gathering proposed a core committee of resourceful stakeholders for a meaningful celebration in future.



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