The KSU sent Memo to Union Minister Ministry of Agriculture, people need University

Shillong, July 15: The Khasi Student’s Union (KSU) from Meghalaya had sent a Memorandum to the Union Minister, Ministry of Agriculture Mr Narendra Singh Tomar, in connection with the Central Agriculture University in Kyrdemkulai in Ri Bhoi District.

The Through this Memorandum the KSU appealed to the Union Minister ministry of agriculture to  kindly intervene for the setting up of the proposed Central Agricultural University in Kyrdemkulai (Umiam), Meghalaya.

The KSU mention in the memorandum that, as per information acquired through the Right to Information Act by one Mr  Arju Dkhar, it was observed that since 2010 there was a proposal to set up an autonomous Central Agricultural University in the state of Meghalaya by the Government of India which would cater to the aspirations of the students’ community in the state of Meghalaya.

Accordingly an agreement was reached between the Central Government and the Government of Meghalaya under Entry 64 of the Union List-I in the same year whereby a plot of land measuring 200 acres was acquired by the Government of Meghalaya in Kyrdemkulai, Ri-Bhoi District for the setting up of the said University.

Subsequently on the 16th October 2014, in a letter (D. O. No. 5-7/2008-CAU) from Dr. S.Ayyapan the Secretary of the Department of Agricultural Research & Education and Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural Research to the then Chief Secretary of Meghalaya, Shri P. B. O Warjri, it was conspicuously mentioned that the acquired land was for the establishment of a new Central Agricultural University.

On the 28th October 2015 a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Dr. S. Ayyapan with the officials of the Government of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Department of Agricultural Research in New Delhi to discuss on the various issues for the establishment of the Central Agricultural University in Meghalaya.

However to the utter dismay of the people of Meghalaya, this year, it was found out that instead of a full-fledged University, a College of Agriculture was established in the said acquired land which is affiliated to the Central Agricultural University headquartered in Imphal, Manipur.

This development had shattered the hopes and aspirations of the people of Meghalaya especially the students’ community, and the people felt that they were duped by the Central Government. Even the landowners who willingly part with their lands for the establishment of the proposed University felt dejected after they learnt that a College would be set up in the acquired land.

This was expressed during a protest demonstration on the premises of the said land on the 21st June 2019 attended by the students’ community, the local elders, the landowners, the mother’s associations and the concerned citizens of the state.

In this protest demonstration, many expressed their shock and dismay as the sudden change of decision by the Government of India without proper consultation with the people of Meghalaya which are the main stakeholders. Everyone was unanimous that the state needs a full-fledged and an autonomous Central Agricultural University with powers vested in the proposed headquarters in Kyrdemkulai, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya and not merely a college with affiliations to a headquarter outside the state.

Therefore Sir, in view of the above facts and the overall welfare of the students’ community and the people of the state, the KSU sincerely urged your good office to kindly address this matter and ensure that the promised and proposed Central Agricultural University in Meghalaya will become a reality. The KSU on behalf of the people of Meghalaya, in good faith, believe that you will take into consideration our pleas and grievances as utmost priority.

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