The LJP Meghalaya  write to Prime Minister to help the wage lost during the lock down

Shillong, May 29: The political party LJP Meghalaya State unit today has sent letter to the prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi with the copy to the chief minister of Meghalaya Mr Cornad K Sangma requesting to help the wage lost by the the daily wage earners, small business men, traders, small firms and small entrepreneurs etc in the light of lock down in the entire Country.

In the letter the LJP  appreciate the Central Government as well as the State Governments for declaring the lockdown in the Country as it was the need of the hour to control the ongoing pandemic but at the same time I have to bring the following few points into the knowledge of the Government of India for your kind consideration.

It is a well known fact that the majority of our populace is poor, downtrodden, daily wage earner, small traders and small entrepreneurs etc. The lock down has not only hampered their earnings and the expenses without earning will kill them economically. Most of them are running their businesses without working capital.

Their expenses like house rent, school fees, salary to staff, electricity bill, Taxation, bank interest on loans, GST, Provident Fund, and property tax etc are recurring every month. In the case of total closure of the businesses, it is impossible for them to meet the above expenses.

Keeping in mind the above, the aforesaid business community will collapse without the Government support and help. The Meghalaya LJP unit has given the suggestions how to help the poor people during this time of crises.

All electricity bills be waived off with effect from April 1st. 2021 till the lockdown ends.Small firms and companies be allowed to retain 10% of GST payable for next 12 months. Waiver of interest payments on loans from the banks and NBFCs up to the lockdown period, atleast for the next 6 months, beginning April 1st. 2021.

All EMIs to banks and NBFCs to be put on hold for 6 months with no levy of interest or delayed payment, beginning April 1st. 2021. Employees share of the provident fund to be borne by the Government for a period of 6 months, beginning April 1st. 2021.

The waiver of school fees for this session for both Government and Private schools. The waiver of house rent from April to the end of lockdown by private land lords on humanitarian ground The relief to people in terms of Income tax as appropriately thought by the Ministry of Finance.

Employees share of the ESIC to be borne by the Government for a period of 6 months. Property tax for FY- 2021-22 to be reduced to half for all commercial properties Financial help to the poor families in addition to the 5 KG of rice to meet their daily expenses to buy other essentials.

The Government used to be sympathetic to the farmers during drought and flood like situations and waive their loans or interests to ease their burden. The present situation is not less than a drought or flood for the small businessmen and the common people so they too deserve said Mr Jamil Ahamed Meghalaya State President.

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