The MLA Mr. Adelbert mislead the public on the current position of the KHNAM: Pyndap

Shillong, Feb 24: Mr Pyndap Saibon KHNAM President  said that Mr. Adelbert Nongrum MLA of the party from 17th North Constituency on the 25th Day of February 2021 has stated that “KHNAM will field candidate for the bye Election from Mawryngkneng Constituency, more surprisingly it is shocking to see that he has referred himself in the statement as President of the party”.

This is a clear attempt of the MLA to mislead the general public on the current position of the KHNAM, and since the internal party dispute is still unsettled with the Election Commission of India, he has no authority to make such claims and statements.

It is to state that after Shri Adelbert Nongrum has resigned from the party as a member of the Central Executive Member on 10th July 2018 which was also published in the print media on 10th July 2018, he has collected few other who have earlier resigned from the party and without the information of the CEC has written a representation on 14-09-2018 to the ECI wherein he has falsely mislead the ECI that he has conveyed a general council of the party and he was elected as President.

On knowing this the party has written a representation to ECI which was taken into consideration along with all the evidences and the ECI has directed both Shri Adelbert Nongrum and the undersigned to settle the matter amicable or through a competent court.  They have file a petition with the Hon’ble high court vide W.P(C) No.92/2019 wherein the interim judgement was pass in favour of the rightful President of the party Shri P Saibon.

The final order of the court dated 14.09.2019 have requested the ECI to re-consider as to whether the application of Shri Adelbert Nongrum dated 14.9.2018 wherein he has claimed to be president of the party and the subsequent bringing of the contents of the same on its records is proper. The commission was also requested to complete the process in continuation of its letter dated 04-03-2019 and informed both the parties accordingly.

Shri Adelbert Nongrum further filed an appeal against the above judgement which was immediately disposed by the Hon’ble High Court on 03-12-2020. As of now the ECI vide its letter No 56/71/2018/PPS-III/966-968 dated 20th November 2020 has made it clear that the matter is not settled and in such a situation Shri Adelbert Nongrum Cannot Claim and declared himself as president and take party decision. We will take necessary action from our end and detailed developments of the party will be highlighted at an appropriate time.

Secondly with reference to the illegal transportation of coal, which seem to have caught the eye of many in the state wherein there seems many involved. Our Deputy CM has challenge for proof and evident to substantiate such illegal transportation.

KHNAM party of  various units or circles have been in constant communication wherein a surprised checking will be conducted at an appropriate time so as to be able to highlight all those involved, said Mr Pyndap Saibon President KHNAM, CEC.

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