The MPYC alleged there is structure defect within the Congress party: Mr Richard

Shillong, Dec 04: The President of the Meghalaya Youth Congress Mr. Richard M Marak said that it was an honour to served the Congress party and he said that he has learn a lot from the party but he feel that time to charge his own course therefore he is tendering from the post of the youth Congress and from the primary membership.

The reason that made him resign is that he was not happy with the function of the party for quite a while now this is because there is structure defect within the Congress party it has been highlighted many times in the past.

From the party there has been no attempted to refitted this defect , instead thus who have pointed this defect have only been being verified and the last stroke was the appointment of the MPCC President  who is functioning with his own whim without following  the rule congress party.

Mr. Marak cliam that he is not alone in expressing this sentiment as it was evidence from the mass resignation of the youth Congress from the party, this was evidence  where more than 400 youth Congress resigned from the Khais Jaintia Region.

The former  MYPC president claim that this is just the start and he will seek out others avenue where he van served the people to the best of his abilities and part ways with the party that like many others where they have work heart and soul, said Mr. Marak.






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