The N.F. Railway relentlessly operating Kisan Rail helping farmers to reach wider markets

Maligaon, August 09: The N. F. Railway has run Kisan Rail trains to and from North Eastern Region to strengthen the supply chain and help farmers in transporting their produce to larger markets.

The N. F. Railway has operated fifteen Kisan Rail trains from January to July of this current year from Dhupguri, Falakata and Jalpaiguri in West Bengal to Agartala in Tripura and Bhanga in Assam for transportation of potatoes.

From January to December, 2021, 40 Kisan Rails have been operated to carry more than 12500 tonnes of consignments.  During the current year from January to July, 15 Kisan Rail trips have transported more than 6500 tonnes of consignments.

The transportation of fruits and vegetables by Kisan Rail are granted a subsidy of 50% o­n the tariff chargeable, so that local farmers are benefited. Kisan Rail Trains help in transporting perishable, agri-produces such as fruits and vegetables to the markets in various places across the country. This in turn enables farmers/producers to realise better value for their products.

At present, the locations like Agartala, Dimapur, Changsari, New Guwahati, Jorhat Town, Azara, Tinsukia, Bhanga are being covered by “Kisan Rail” in Northeast Frontier Railway. For detail information regarding Kisan Rail services, one can contact officials at divisional level or at Headquarters level.

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