The NGEA condemns the police for removing the poster pasted in the GHADC office  

Shillong. Sept 22: The Non-Gazetted Employee Association Tura, entire Garo Hills have strongly condemned the arbitrarily actions of Police personal for removing the poster pasted by the employee of GHADC, as a mark of protest against the Executive Member of GHADC and principle Secretary, for failure to fulfill the promise made by the CEM of GHADC on 04.06.2021.

It is stated that the CEM of GHADC have repeatedly given assurance and promised to pay the monthly salary of the employee within three months in new scale on regular basis, to implement Meghalaya Fifth pay Commission in favour of the employee of GHADC and not to harassed and terminate any Member of the NGEA.

The employee of GHADC for demanding for released of salaries and for raising their voices against alleged corruption that had been taking place in GHADC. The employee under the Umbrella of NGEA are strongly disappointed with the Police personal.

The NGEA said that in a manner in which some police personal have directly removed the poster pasted by the entire employee of GHADC who are agitating against the EC of GHADC for non released of their due salaries and for other issues.

The employee of GHADC while condemning the illogical Act of Police personal like to point out that the employee of GHADC were peacefully demonstrating without any violence and they are doing the agitation only because our near and dear ones, children and family Members are hungry by pasting poster.

The NGEA cliam that they have never resorted to any violence or have done any harmed or damaged to the Police Department. they are also having the children and family Members to feed like those police personal who came and removed our poster without consulting or having discussion or without any prior information with the agitating employees.

The NGEA 100 % believed and felt that if those police personal who removed our poster would take our place by remaining without salary for about 3 years they will realized the real pain, agony, frustration and humiliation same us i.e. with the employee of GHADC.

Having said that the NGEA beg to inform to the police Department and personal and to the public that this public Department and police personal are taking advantage of our employees, since they are poor, hungry and weak in all aspects and there is nobody who stands to support for our cause.

It is further shocking to remind the incident that took place on last 15th August 2021 in Mawlai Shillong, where some youth have snatched away the Arm along with Black Scorpio from the police personal belonging to Mawkynroh outpost and the seize vehicle was taken for a ride by those youth before setting it on fine at Jaiaw.

But surprisingly on that particular date of incident entire police Department have not dare to touch those youth who snatched away the weapons along with the Black Scorpio. But we the employee have never resorted to any violence and we are not at all against any police personal.

The NGEA said that they are only to demonstrate there right in a peaceful and harmonious manner. But the way in which the police personal come and removed their poster is not acceptable and highly condemnable.

Having said that we have the great respect for the police Department as they are the protector of law and order problem, and we expect that man in uniform will also equally treat the employee of GHADC like other citizen or other human being but the manner in which the police personal have dealt with them is not acceptable.

The NGEA asked  if there is any order from the Authority then those police personal should have inform to the agitating employees and should have a talk formally, officially with the agitating employee before removing and destroying our posters.

They are badly hurt as those police personal have failed to respect our sentiments and the arbitrary actions of police personal also show inhuman treatment and humiliation towards the agitating employee who are demanding for their legal dues which is their fundamental right.

And by doing such unreasonable act the police personal who come and removed our poster failed to understand that nonpayment of salary for three years is a clear infringement of the fundamental right and they have failed to understand that any citizen who are aggrieved have every right to demonstrate, protest against the miss-Governance, and for non-payment of salary.

In the democratic right to protest in peaceful manner without resorting to any violence . The employee also response to the order issued by the Principle Secretary to the Executive Committee of GHADC on 21.09.2021 whereby the Principle secretary have threatened to take strong action against the agitating employees.

To be treated as no work no pay against the agitating employee if the employees failed to attend their respective duites. In this respect the agitating employee stated that the GHADC Authorities have sufficiently punished us by not paying our salaries since for the past three years.

The NGEA are not demanding that they should pay for the period of our agitation and threatening us to do away with our service is nothing new as they have been terminating and suspending the employee in the Leader of NGEA for raising their voice against for non-payment of salaries and for raising our voice for many other issues.

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