Party HSPDP, the GNC will work together to demand for the Garoland and Khasi-Jaintia State

Tura, July 10: The party President of the Hills State People’s Democratic party Mr. K P Pangniang, the president of the Garo National Council Smit Kalpana D Sangma along with the Deputy Chief Executive Member of the GHADC Mr. Niknam Ch. Marak at the meeting held at Tura and they have decided to work together for their demand of Khasi-Jaintia State and for the Garoland.

Both the party in the meeting has agreed that they will form a Coordination Committee to work together on this issue as the founding president late Hopingstone Lyngdoh of the HSPDP and late Clifford R Marak founding president of the GNC they have work together to demand for separate Garoland ans Khasi-Jaintia State.

In the meeting the two parties has decided that they soon resent the joint memorandum to the Government of India to remind the Government of India that the two communities need separation state base on the linguistic and to preserved their own  identity like others state in Country.

In the meeting held at Tura on Friday the president of the HSPDP was accompany by the Joint Secretary Mr P. Ryntathiang, and from the GNC, the Deputy CEM of the GHADC Mr. Nikman Ch Marak along with the general secretary and others member were present in the meeting.

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