The resignation of Mr. Manhalang will not impede the progress of the peace process

Shillong, Sept 28: The General Secretary cum Publicity Secretary of the HNLC Sainkupar Nogntraw today in the press statement inform that the outfit has appointed Mr. Teimiki Laloo as new Vice Chairma of the organisation.

The General Secretary  formally announce that Sufiyan A. Hazarika, also known as Manbhalang Jyrwa, has submitted his resignation letter, which we have accepted based on humanitarian considerations. In response, the CEC (Central Executive Committee) has appointed Teimiki Laloo as the newly appointed Vice Chairman for a duration of six months.

It is important to note that Jyrwa’s resignation will not have any detrimental impact or undermine the strength and values upheld the organization. Their  unwavering principles remain unchanged, regardless of the change in leadership.

They hope that the people of our Hynńiewtrep community will continue to hold Manbhalang Jyrwa in high regard, treating him with respect and dignity as a fellow human being.

Furthermore, they  sincerely hope that the government will refrain from exploiting Jyrwa’s resignation and instead prioritize the peace talks. It is vital to note that Jyrwa’s resignation will not impede the progress of the peace process. Moving forward, the delegation in charge of leading the peace process will be guided by the newly appointed Vice Chairman, Teimiki Laloo.

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