The TMC, Congress and others political parties rattled by rising BJP in Meghalaya: Ernest

Shillong, Jan 11: The State President of the BJP Meghalaya State Unit Mr. Ernest Mawrie mention that it is natural for the TMC, the Congress and other political parties to feel threatened by the rise of the BJP in Meghalaya.

It is also expected that in the absence of anything concrete against the BJP these political parties will resort to fabricating issues where none exist, and in their desperation to score points make nonsensical remarks against the BJP.

This was seen when two allegedly veteran leaders, Vincent Pala and Mukul Sangma made stupendous remarks against the BJP for claiming to form the next government.

The BJP today, however reiterated the statement and stressed once again that no government will be formed in Meghalaya without the BJP after the upcoming assembly elections.

Party spokesperson, M Kharkrang said that it is not the party that is saying this but in fact this is the report from the ground. The people of the state have made up their minds to elect a BJP led government in 2 months time and nothing that Mukul Sangma or Vincent Pala may say will change the minds of the people.

The people are truly fed up of the false promises of the back-in-five-years kind of leaders and want to see real development in Meghalaya. The people have also seen the performance of the BJP government at the centre and in the various states. The people have realised that the BJP is only party which matches delivery with promises.

The people of Meghalaya can see how our neighbouring states under BJP governance have prospered in the last few years. There has been peace and all round development that has benefitted all segments of the society.

The people want the same benefits for Meghalaya as well. And therefore, the statement that no government will be formed without the BJP is a statement of confidence that the people have instilled in our party.

Kharkrang said that he is expecting the narrative of the other political parties to deteriorate further in the run up to the elections. The other parties will make all sorts of allegations against the BJP but they will all be fake and without any basis.

And when their empty minds will not be able to cook up anything else, they will fall back to their same old communal narrative. However, Kharkrang added that none of these will affect the upcoming elections. While Pala and Mukul may continue to think that people are mindless, in fact the voters of today are very aware and can see the truth for what it is.

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