There are 21 COVID-19 death have been reported in EKH District in last 48 hours: DC

Shillong, July 23: The deputy Commissioner of the East Khasi Hills District stated that there are 21 Covid-19 deaths have been reported in East Khasi Hills District in the last 48 hours out of which 11 are from the rural areas while 10 are from the urban areas of the district, out  of this  19 were not vaccinated and 2 were partially vaccinated only one dose.

Non-institutional Deaths there are 3 out of this  2 were brought dead to Hospital while one was a home death.  Institutional Deaths are 18 out of this 15 were brought to hospital after 48 hours of onset of symptoms, including 6 who were brought after more than 5 days of onset of symptoms 12 died after more than 5 days of hospitalization.

As the number of cases and deaths in the district is increasing, the general public is strongly urged to not ignore any signs and symptoms of Covid-19 but to report symptoms and get tested at the earliest so that proper care can be advised and monitoring can be done.

Early presentation to a medical facility prevents further deterioration and death. The data that is emerging everyday strongly indicates that those who are vaccinated, even if infected, have a much lower chance of developing serious symptoms, requiring hospitalization and of dying due to the disease.

Therefore it is urged that all eligible citizens get vaccinated without further delay. This is issued in public interest said the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District.

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