TMC supporters took out bike rally in Rongjeng today in support to its candidate Mr. Sengnam

Shillong, Feb 11: The Meghlaya TMC supporter today took put bike rally in Rongjeng in support to its party candidate Mr. Sengnam M Marak made a thunderous entrance in Rongjeng,

Displaying a massive show of strength, the Meghalaya TMC organised a huge bike rally in Rongjeng, covering around 40 villages. The rally was spearheaded by Meghalaya TMC candidate from Rongjeng Sengnam M Marak.

With over hundreds of bikers taking part, the Meghalaya TMC Rongjeng candidate Sengnam M Marak was greeted warmly by the supporters as he led the rally through villages.

Meghalaya TMC Rongjeng Block President Sengjan Arengh, General Secretary Brejington Sangma, Youth President Churik G Momin, Vice President Rampu Sangma, and other youth leaders were also present in the rally.




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