To protest the death of two students, educational institution will closed in Purakhasia

Shillong, Sept 29: The residence of Purakhasia of West Garo Hills District organized Peace Rally where a massive crowd including students’ community from various institutions, Teachers, religious leaders, stake holders, Nokmas and women group have come out unitedly for active participation in the Peace Rally organised by Purakhasia Peace Committee.

The rally was organized to protest and condemn against the treacherous deeds of stone exporter where recently tragedy struck on two innocent students namely late Amsrang R. Marak, on 12th September, 2021 and late Laksbath S. Sangma on 25th September, 2021 were met an accident by a speeding dumper truck and deathon the spot.

The families are under grieve and sorrow as they have lost the greatest gift of God. There were more than 3000 thousand people have gathered in the rally to support the victims. A five-year-old boy was studying at St Peter’s Sec. School in Lower classes. Late Amsrang R. Marak, 22 years of age was doing his studies in Shillong, Umspyei College.

The Peace rally was started with a prayer and blessings of God and thereby condolence to the departed souls. In the public meeting during Rally, it is demanded that the reckless driving and scuffle deeds of exporter is zero tolerance, cried people in the gathering and raised in a one voice to stop stone exporting in the region.

Thousands of people of Greater Purakhasia Area is irritated and psychologically disturbedof being witnessed an elusive work that has been carried out by exporter in every single hour.

A mass asked Govt. of Meghalaya to stop playing with a life of innocent people in the region by the exporter. People cry for a justice and Government should book those culprits in no times for the interest of the life of innocent people and to give justice to the victimize families.

The Church leaders and senior citizens were attended in the gathering and air out that the Govt. of Meghalaya is failed to provide right and appropriate mechanism to check a high speed of a vehicle and over loaded trucks which leads to deteriorating and damaging of a beautiful road within the state.

Therefore, if it is Government of the People, by the people and for the People, they would come up with such mechanism to ease life of many people in the state. Due to negligence and reckless driving of exporter’s dumper truck, many innocent lives were pass away, although it was not their time to go.

School going students, their parents who were dropping them to school are not safe at all. Therefore, in an appropriate place speed breaker should be made for the convenient of the people.

It is also said that the Purakhasia people are still quiet even after being seen such a tragedy. But in the days to come, people of Purakhasia shall not tolerate and the future cause of action will be much stronger than this and will stand up together for the right, says in the meeting.

It is also pointed out that the deteriorating and depilation of roads made by the dumper truck must be stop and immediate renovation is demanded from the concern Department. All the educational institution in and around of Purakhasia Area shall remain off on 30th September, 2021 to condemn the same.

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