We are willing to walk the extra mile to talk peace within the framework of the Constitution: Conrad

Shillong, Dec 21: Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma in his address in the passing out parade of the 196 police officer congratulated for completing their training at the North Eastern Police Academy, in Ri Bhoi District Meghalaya.

Mr Cornad said that he extend his best wishes and congratulations to the 196 trainees who have successfully completed their training and would embark on a new chapter of their lives in the service of the nation.

The congratulation goes also to the proud parents and family members who have come here today from across the North East – from Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura – to witness your passing out. It is truly a proud moment for them and he is sure they will continue to make them proud by their actions throughout their service.

The Chief Minister said that, all are from a region which is of special significance to the nation. It is home to immense biodiversity and is not only one of the richest regions of our country in terms of ethnic and cultural diversity – home myriad tribes, each with its own ethnicity, culture, religion, language and heritage, but is also of immense strategic importance.

As security professionals they must remember the strategic geographical significance of the North East, connected to the mainland through a narrow band of land- chicken neck – that brings in its attendant issues of difficulty of reach and transport. Improved infrastructure and development of the North Eastern States is extremely important given this strategic importance.

Accordingly, they have always remained committed towards ensuring improved connectivity, good transport network and social and economic development of Meghalaya. But development can be sustained and can flourish only in an environment of peace.

As Police officers, they are also responsible for the economic development of the State. Mr Conrad told the police officer,It is your primary responsibility to collect intelligence on any issue that poses a threat to internal security, resolve conflicts and maintain law and order, thereby instilling a feeling of security in the community. A stable and secure State will allow the Government to focus its energies on developmental issues.

The Chief Minister reiterate that “ Our  Government is fully committed to working towards peace, progress and prosperity. However, let me also be very categorical in stating that while we are always willing to walk the extra mile to talk peace with those who are willing to engage with us within the framework of the Constitution, we are equally clear that we shall act firmly and decisively against inimical and mischievous elements that indulge in violence or work against the interests of our nation”.

“If we are to succeed in this endeavour of security of the North East, all the States of the North East must adopt a unified, coordinated and cohesive strategy to tackle common threats faced by us. Police in the north east have a special role to play, compared to the police in the rest of the country”.

The challenges are multiple because each of the States shares a border with another country and many of the inimical and criminal elements take advantage of cross border and international linkages to escape the clutches of law.

Not only must the Police of the NE States act in coordination and with unity of purpose, to tackle the security issues, but there is also need for close liaison between the State Police and the Border Guarding CAPFs, viz., Assam Rifles, BSF, ITBP, and SSB deployed on the north eastern borders, to ensure seamless coordination between the States as well as plug the vulnerabilities on the border to prevent ingress of undesirable elements as well as their escape after committing crimes inside our territory .

The North Eastern Police Academy can play an important role in contributing to this effort. NEPA should act as a nodal training agency to design and conduct specialised training modules for the police of the NE States as well the CAPFs deployed in the North East borders in order to ensure uniform strategy and streamlining of efforts.

This uniform training would ensure cohesiveness between the NE States Police and add to effective control of crime, and help to check the menace of crimes like narcotics and human trafficking that afflicts the North East.

The 196 trainees who are passing out today, hail from five  States of the North East and have trained together and worked together as a team in the past 50 weeks to successfully pass out from the Academy.

The Chief Minister said that rhroughout your service, as you tackle the security issues that affect the North East, I would request all of you to demonstrate the same oneness of spirit, coordination and camaraderie that you demonstrated during your training, because, if we are to emerge successful, we must first realise that though we hail from different States, we share a common goal – that of a peaceful and strong and developed North East, and that goal can be achieved only if we work together.

He ( Mr Conrad pointed out that during your service, you will face many situations when you will be under tremendous pressure. The varied ethnicity of the region and your personal identity will itself put a lot of pressure on you on account of perceived partisanship from various sections of the society.

They must always ensure objective and impartial application of law and procedure so that you give no space for complaints of bias and partisanship. You must not only be fair but must also be seen to be fair.

Apart from this, they  will face pressure to demonstrate increasing efficiency in handling crime and law and order. This may tempt you to resort to shortcuts and illegal means in order to deliver results. The laws of the land provide more than ample provisions to act legally against wrong-doers.

Always remain steadfast in resisting the pressure to follow illegal orders or adopt illegal means to achieve your goals. I urge you to always keep in mind that you owe allegiance only to the Constitution of India and to the duly enacted laws of this country and be true to the oath you have sworn today on the tricolour.

Police can never be successful without community support. Remember, as public servants, you are accountable to the people whom you serve and protect. The public will cooperate with you only if it believes that you will act impartially and will always place public interest above your own personal affiliations and ambitions. When a large section of the community trusts you and believes that you are working for the community, they will stand beside you and act as force multipliers.

The Chief Minister said that he  have been told that you have been actively involved in community service as part of your training activities and have reached out and engaged in welfare activities for those who are less fortunate than you. He  urge them to always that retain that sense of empathy while dealing with the public.

People will usually approach you only when they are in trouble and need your help. They will look towards you for succour in their time of need. Whether it is a victim, or a witness, or even someone who has been accused of a crime, please try to treat them with dignity. The Chief Minister gave them his best wishes to the police officer and their families and wish them a successful career in the service of the nation.

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