HITO sent letter to Sport Minister Govt of Meghalaya objecting of holding key post in sport

Shillong, Nov 26: The organsation Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (H.I.T.O) today has sent letter to the Sport Minister Government of Meghalaya Mr. Banteidor Lyngdoh who is also Ex-officio President.

Meghalaya State Olympic Association (MSOA)  objecting to representation and holding of important post by Non-tribals in Sports Association and MSOA Meghalaya which is discouraging the Hynñiewtrepand Achik people of Meghalaya.

In the letter to the Sport Minister the organsation is in total support of the views and opinion of the KSU General Secretary, Donald V Thabah, wherein the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has called on various sports associations to ensure that local players get a chance to represent the state in any national sporting event held outside the state.

The Khasi student union demand to allow only tribal local players on the matter of sport to encourage the local youths to take part in different kinds of sports is very important.

The organsatation would like to highlight that recently one of our active member president HITO Nongpoh circle and 10 members from the Meghalaya powerlifting and fitness association took part in the National bench press championship 2021 held in Goa from 15/11/21 to 20/11/21 and they achieve silver and bronze medals for the state and all participants are Khasi.

Although we know that this event is not under the national Olympic disciplines. We urge the government to also provide financial assistance to the non-Olympic sports.

The organisatio urged Politicians and State Government Officials to either promote sports or quit their post of President, Secretary as they are holding dual post and not active and do not contribute to bringing medals for Meghalaya.

HITO see so many presidents, Secretary who are holding posts for many years without any champion and the government announce it will produce champions in 2024 or 2028.

Even state government officials and coaches are holding posts in various sports associations like Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Badminton, Shooting, Table Tennis, Football, Karate, Wushu, which is a conflict of interest and government duty. If coaches are also government officials and also administrator post then there will be favoritism in the selection.

The organsation fail to understand how MSOA has allowed a non-tribal to become the General Secretary of Meghalaya State Olympic Association and even they represent Meghalaya in the Indian Olympic Association(IOA) which is the apex body of sports in India while Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur only the genuine Tribals represent the State. This is unacceptable a serious matter and urge the MSOA to immediately take action.

HITO said that they  are not against Non-tribals but they already have their own state representation such as Bengal for Bengali, Assam for Assamese, Punjab for Punjabi, Bihar for Bihari, Uttar Pradesh for North Indian persons, etc. hence it is important that from Meghalaya only Khasi, Jaintia and Garo must represent the State.

As per our RTI, There are no physical education teachers in the 14000 schools of Meghalaya and yet the Government declare to produce Olympians in Assembly. We urge you as Minister Sports to please appoint immediately the PE Teachers.

HITO urge the Minister of Sports who is also ex-officio President including the Working President and all the tribal office bearers of the MSOA to take immediate action of requesting these non-tribals to step aside or resign from their post with immediate effect.

The recent representation in Cricket, Table Tennis, Basketball and Wushuby non-tribalsis injustice in selection and representation from Meghalaya. If there is no action taken by the Sport Department and MSOA , they  will be compelled to start a public demonstration and campaign in all the districts of Khasi Jaintia and Garo Hills against the election of non-tribals to represent our tribal state which is under sixth schedule area. We urge them to kindly step aside and allow the many efficient tribals to hold the post of President and Secretary with immediate effect.

They are confident that tribal youths can bring medals in every national & International sport. If Manipur, Assam can produce Mary Kom, Mirabai and Lovlina why not the tribals of Meghalaya.

The Organsation  also take this opportunity to urge the government of Meghalaya to create the required international standard indoor stadium and playgrounds in every district including sports academy for the benefit of our youths, said Mr. Donbok Dkhar Presdient and Mr. Lastborn Thangkhiew Sport Secretary in the press statement.



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