The SP NEWS AGENCY is please to state that the subscription fees for News Paper, broadcaster and Magazines are categories as follow:-

1. National News Paper. Rs 2500/- Per Month

2. Regional News Paper Rs 2000/- Per Month

3. Local News Paper        Rs 1500/- Per Month

Broadcaster Television

1. National Television. Rs 2500/- per news

2. Regional Television, Rs 2000/- Per News

3. Local News Cable.   Rs 300/- per News


For Magazine we are dealing only the Photograph not the article.

For each photograph Rs. 250/-

For two photograph Rs.200/-

We also under take special order for magazine and the rate it varies upon their needs.

For further information contact:-

Advertisement manager: SP News Agency


Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Mr Starfing J L Pdahkasiej
Editor Cum proprietor

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