All together who file their nomination is 357

Shillong, Feb 06:  To day is the last day of filling nomination for the general election to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly which is schedule on the 23 of this month. Total number of candidates who has file their nomination is 357. The security [...]

Filling nomination in Meghalaya begin Wednesday

Shillong, January 29: Filling nominations for the general election to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly begin tomorrow Wednesday and the last date for filling nomination will be on the 6th.2. 2013 that is again Wednesday The scrutiny will be [...]

Ka jingiashong dorbar ha kine ki san snem ka long 118 sngi

Shillong, Kyllalyngkot  09:  Ka jingshong dorbar  ha kine ki san snem, ha kane ka iing dorbar kaba phra jong ka Meghalaya Legislative Assembly  ka long baroh 118 sngi naduh ka sngi sdang ha ka 11 tarik jong u Lber 2008 bad ka dorbar kaba [...]

Speaker gives one month time to defected’ NCP legislators reply

Shillong, November 15:  The speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Mr Charles Pyngrope on Thursday has asked defected’ NCP legislators to reply with one month.  The speaker has declined to accept their plea that they (NCP) should [...]
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