All admissions from 2010 to 2013 at CMJ University are illegal

Shillong, April 30: The principal secretary to the governor of Meghalaya Mr MS Rao today has sent a letter to  Chandra Mohan Jha Chairman of the CMJ University directing the university to withdraw all the degrees awarded so far to student.

In the letters has also clearly mention that students who where admitted to the university from 2010 to 2013 are illegal. The governor of Meghalaya has asked the university authority to  has to sent the report to the the Visitor-by 21st May, 2013. These is the letter sent the Shri Chandra Mohan Jha Chairman CMJ Foundation read as,

Shri Chandra Mohan Jha Chairman CMJ Foundation Modrina Mansion Laitumkhrah, Shillong
Directives by the Visitor under Section 13 (3) (b) of the CMJ University Act, 2009.
I am directed to state that on perusal of the records and information submitted by CMJ Foundation on the CMJ University, following irregularities have been observed:
1. The Chancellor of the University appointed by the sponsor does not have the approval of the Visitor. This is in violation of Section 14(1) of the CMJ University Act, 2009. Consequently all further actions of the CMJ University resulting from the appointment of the Chancellor are illegal and void abinitio.
2. In the proposal submitted for appointment of the Chancellor by G:MJ Foundation in 2009, the Bio-data of the recommended candidate Shri Chandra Mohan Jha was enclosed stating that he is the Director of a number of colleges within and outside Meghalaya without clearly indicating their University .affiliation. One of these Colleges viz. The Shillong Engineering and Management College was deaffiliated “by NEHU w.e.f. academic session 2011-2012.
3. The CMJ University has enrolled the following number of students in
various courses
All the above admissions are illegal.
4: The CMJ University has awarded Ph.D degree to 434 students during 2012-2013 and has enrolled 490 students for the Ph.D programme during 2012-2013. On the other hand the faculty strength of the CMJ
University is only 10 teachers with Ph.D qualification.    These
enrolments and award of Ph.D degrees are in contravention of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of M.PhiljPh.D degree) Regulation, 2009.
5. The CMJ University issued a false and misleading newspaper advertisement in the Shillong Times on April 22nd, 2013 claiming that the University has not yet awarded any Ph.D degree to any of the students enrolled from the State of Assam. On the other hand this office has reliable information that the CMJ University has awarded Ph.D degree to candidates from Assam.
6. The CMJ University has not submitted the Annual Reports to the Visitor in violation of Section 45(3) of the CMJ University Act 2009.
7. CMJ University has also acted in contravention of Section 52 of the
CMJ University Act, 2009 in respect Qf maintenance of standards and
other related matters applicable to Private Universities.

In view of the above, the Governor of Meghalaya,~ in his capacity as the Visitor of the CMJ University issues the following directions under the Section 13 (3) (b) of the CMJ University Act 2009 for immediate compliance:
1. The CMJ University shall recall/withdraw all the degrees awarded so far and publish this fact in national and local newspapers at their own cost.
2. The CMJ Foundation shall submit a fresh proposal for appointment of the Chancellor along with the correct Bio-data of the candidate recommended and supporting documents.
3. The CMJ University shall frame rules and procedures for admission into the M.Phil and Ph.D degree programmes, allocation of supervisor, course work, evaluation, assessment and other related matters in, accordance with the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of M.Phil/Ph.D degree) Regulation, 2009.
4. No fresh admission of students shall be undertaken by the CMJ University till compliance of the above instructions and till the appointment of the Chancellor in accordance with Section 14 (1)..of the CMJ University Act 2009.

You are hereby required to comply with the above directives and submit a compliance report to the Visitor-by 21st May, 2013.
Yours faithfully

, ( M.S.Rao )

Principal Secretary to the Governor of Meghalaya(SP News)



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116 Responses to "All admissions from 2010 to 2013 at CMJ University are illegal"

  1. sandeep goyat says:

    r/sir please tell me about B.A, ,M,A ,B.C.A ,M.C.A ,etc courses are illegal or not.Because CMJ university provides three year degree course with in 10 to 15 days . Through it centres in DELHI SWASTIK EDUCATIONAL CHERITABLE TRUST .371,AGGARWAL CYBER PLAZA -2, NETA JI SUBASH PALACE , PITAMPURA, DELHI–110034 PH—011–43431616 TO DELHI GOVERNMENT PLEASE TAKE NACESSERY ACTION WITH THE HELP OF C.B.I.

    • spad says:

      The governor of Meghalaya FIle an FIR against the CMJ University but waht you have mention that they offer courses just 10 to 15 days is a news for our website tell us more about it

      • Ajay Verma says:

        Dear Sir,


        I have done my MA from CMJ University in 2012. Kindly let me know is this valid or not. If not than what I do now?
        If yest than where I can collect MA degree?

        Kindly let me know..

    • N. Akhtar says:

      sir, which students get the B.A. from cmj and now working an institution & now the institution is going to provincialization. then what will be done by this students?

    • kah says:

      you are completing your degree in 10-15 days.
      someone makes false degree & given to you….
      this means it was given by the university.
      you are an idiot who doesn’t know that any degree was not completed in 15 days.

      • skumar says:

        sahi kahah hai sir, university ne kahi kaha haiki 10-15 din me degree denge, are pagal lalchi to tum ho jo kisi ke bahkawe me aagaye

    • M Alam says:

      Dear Applicant
      I recved your Request in Quara in Our CMJ website..
      If you want to Verification our degree
      Contact 9771923199
      Room no 07
      Registear office
      Admistrative Building
      CMJ University
      Ri Boi jorbhat

  2. subashg says:

    why not governor took action in past.. from last 3 years he was waiting to destroy the career of 1000’s students. may be he has power to destruct the career of students but this type of powers should be used in favor of public & innocent candidates. it is better to ban fresh admissions rather than giving the wrong or life ending impact on pass out students.
    Hope the governor will feel the sensitivity of this issue rather than keeping his ego on top.
    Any Single Hard Decision can cause several Casualties among passed candidates.

    • Aditya Sarkar says:

      Maine 2009 me admission liya Tha Bachalor of library and information me…and final year mark sheet 2010 ka hai to yeah bhi invalid hai Kya?? Please reply

  3. A. Islam says:

    Why the cmj university providing degrees from 2010 to 2013 are iligal ? Please reply me.

    • spad says:

      This is according to the FIR file by the Governor Secretariat of Meghalaya who is the visitor of the university

  4. MOHAN SWAROOP says:

    Dear Governor,
    Please take the action against CMJ university, at the same time consider the past students life

  5. TV Rao says:

    Dear sir,
    Really I have done with hard work but, choosen university was wrong….. These all our fate plz certainly close CMJ university and save our students. . .

  6. leyu tani says:

    what was governor doing till dn.?..he should be arrested too coz he too didnt care bout his responsibilities as he was the visitor.ruining the life of a student is a very big thing in this challenging world.and were the UGC sleeping too??

  7. leyu tani says:

    I do not feel any problems with erection, but one day for the sake of curiosity I tried Kamagra which I ordered on the Canadian drugs site. As a result, I got an orgasm three times a night which did not happen very long ago. As for the side effects of Kamagra, I only had face reddening.



  9. A DAS says:

    I think UGC is the main criminal. Why UGC website shows cmj university in current accademic year…………….??
    Why the govt. take any action before?
    They all are corrupted……………………

    • shipra says:

      yes you are correct. 2008 governor came , univ was from 2009 , he visited CMJ now ??? it took localy 3 years for him for the visit 🙂 i wonder !!! plus every nook and corner CMJ advertisements were coming in newspapers???? what happend to that? common man read it all 3 years and the government was blind enough? now answer would be thay have 1000s of other business but education is one of the most important thing . IF scam has happened it has happened under them ……so i would call they are also a part to it !!

  10. chandan says:

    So this is really happening in university. The governor is not happy for appointment of new chancellor. Before 3rd may. Chandar mohan jha (The Founder) meet the Governor before leaving to a marriage. And as i searched it seems governor is not happy with the appointment of new chancellor (That is all the issues about). So governor submit a FIR against university.
    As visitor of university, Governor is same as responsible for this crime as the University. I mean how can it happen for 3 years otherwise. It is just to play with 1000 of students careers. Lastly the degrees can’t be mentioned fake as the University is UGC approved and all degrees are regular from campus.

    • Amit says:

      Yes, its true CMJ University has come into existence by the act of state legislature and is recognised as per Sec. 2(f) of the UGC Act. Thus, by this virtue, it is empowered to award degrees mentioned u/s 22 of the UGC Act from the day/year of its inception. CMJ University, therefore, is a PUBLIC AUTHORITY and not a PRIVATE ENTITY for a common Indian citizen.

      It is the responsibility of state now, to honor its order(cmj university act) otherwise faith over all state institutions would be over that will finally lead to anarchy.

      The Governor should therefore rectify irregularity, if any, rather than declaring all awarded degrees as void ab-initio.

      Further, in the interest of law, constitution and common citizen, any executive order should be prospective in nature and cannot have a restrospective effect.

  11. Sandy says:

    whats the fault of students.They all(Governor,UGC and university) made money in three years and now they are cancelling the degrees..whats about the future of student..This begins a pratice first same happens in Annamali in CMj..we should file case against UGC..why he is approving such university..and after awarding degree how they cancel those..

  12. A. Hajong says:

    We do here by want to know from the Secretary to the Governor of Meghalaya, that ,where was sleeping the last three years ? & After a long sleep ,Now the step is going to take, is it right decision ? It will be unsatisfaction for the innocent student, Isn’t it?

  13. B.Barman says:

    Now what will happen to the students? The students who are regularly attending the classes, labs etc? What will be the compensation to the students? Their future is really seems to be in darkness.

  14. kah says:

    abhi rs. 50 crore governor ke acc. me transfer sab degree sahi hai. agar 1 arab diya gaya toh shillong se congress ke lok sabha chunav ke candidate bana diya jayega cm jha ko
    total election stunt hai earn karne ka….
    is liye toh pichle 3 saal se kuch bhi nahi dikh raha tha…..
    feb me election hai toh………

  15. daksha says:

    yes my bro. but one thing is B.A programme also illegal for 2010-2013 years?

  16. kah says:

    degrees are illegal or not was not decided by governor. it was decided by ugc & court orders will finally makes decision about it.
    ms rao ne sirf apni report laga kar jaaz ki mang ki hai.
    actually 30th jun 2013 ko inka sewa samapt ho jayega as a governor.
    so, retairement ka paisa ab inhe university se chahiye taki uske sudh par unki & unke family ki maze se kate……………….

  17. arun says:

    kerala engg drop.out student buy cmj certificate by just paying money they would not conduct any exam..cmj providing fake certificate…students are also doingk this criminal activities

  18. skumar says:

    tujhe bhi paisa chahiye kya, jarur to fail huwa hoga apni life me , chal sucide mat karna, fir se padho yaar university galat nahi karti, tu low mind ka hai, brain tab khao

  19. a.k says:

    lagta hai jha ne bundle nahin diya is saal.

  20. nancy says:

    Sir, i had taken admission in 2009 for bachelors degree bt i was working at that time so did that course under ibl programm wherein we jus have to go to university forexams thats it..thy said its a regular course. Tell me weather my degree is geniun or nt coz i m going abroad for studies.

    • spad says:

      what we were made to understand is that if the University dose not have a chancellor the degree given by any university is in valid, but for better understanding i would like to advice please contact education department for detail. Please continued to red and tell your friends to.

      • ASHOK says:

        Sir I hv completed my BBA in the year 2012 sep which the exam was conducted in the month of July and I want to verify my Mark’s sheet can u provide the mail address to me so that I can send for verifying the certificate of mine

  21. SAJAD AHMAD BHAT says:


  22. SAJAD AHMAD BHAT says:


  23. krishtin says:

    Are the BA, BCOM , BSC, BBM , BBA degrees cancelled too????
    Kindly reply

  24. jack says:

    kill the governor!!

  25. Dipak Nath says:

    if all the admission and all awarded degrees are illegal,then from 2010 to 29th april 2013, governor of meghalaya was in coma postion or what? he can nt play with the future of students. who will give lost year back to the sufferer. why the account sheet, balance sheet nt checked by visitor every year.

  26. andy says:

    are degree is also not valid. please reply.

  27. Uday Jha says:

    CMJ university and its agent (like shrunkhala institute1 Gandhi bagh Nagpur, DELHI SWASTIK EDUCATIONAL CHERITABLE TRUST Delhi and others )is responsible for misleading the student, provide fake degree to student within less time.

    Everyone may be alert for such fraud people & agent.

    Whatever happen UGC also responsiable for it.

    Goverment & UGC take care for student life & give the result for student side, Will hope to return fee of student.

    Dont do any degree from such type education society.

  28. rajesh says:

    Dear sir kindly published fress direction taken by governor to cmj university

  29. provin dey says:

    sir,i have done my in 2012 I went classes to complete clear my exam I m working in bpo and after so much struggling I completed my education next month I m going in a brand company call as Accenture I wanted to know whther my marksheet is fake???bcoz i dont want to fall in trouble.
    and plz plz plz dont play with student future its a request you never know how people complete their study plz dnt spoil our future

  30. Dharmin Shah says:

    Governor should not play with our future, bcoz it is not are mistake. It is was verified and approved by UGC that’s why we selected this university.
    so they should only stop future admission and don’t spoil future of student’s who has already cleared.

  31. shipra says:

    yes you are correct. 2008 governor came , univ was from 2009 , he visited CMJ now ??? it took localy 3 years for him for the visit 🙂 i wonder !!! plus every nook and corner CMJ advertisements were coming in newspapers???? what happend to that? common man read it all 3 years and the government was blind enough? now answer would be thay have 1000s of other business but education is one of the most important thing . IF scam has happened it has happened under them ……so i would call they are also a part to it !!The sufferes are students and the degree purchasers could do it becuase university allowed , who allowed the university ? how come that was happening for 3 years???And now the genuines have to cry ?????for what????RTI is there by UGC on CMJ !!!!If punishment has to be given ……give it to everyone .To all 4000 ….but give it to all givernment officials , governor himself and all the people in UGC ehose visits are pending always

  32. shipra says:

    governor has to just crack……what was his duty for 3 years damn it !! he is saying all this now when so much is spoilt …all politicians are giving their statemnets very well . I have crammed all details reading it all !! but how about the actions ? nobody speaking on actions at all ??? we are not intersted on scam being caught but when calmity comes what to be done to appease the stuff ????? all students would be discrimintaed because of their own mistakes under whose guidance? what would u say to the regular students ? what would u say to the migrated students? I have freinds who have been migrated from one pvt university to other dats CMJ. Comeon now !!! grow up guys !! wrold has gone where and they are busy covering the stories (journalists) the other side politicians busy with making statemnst . who is ther to take immidiate action for the students ….that show how much they love us or politics and their designations !!!! I called up all pvt universities in meghalaya to accomodate me being a phd student (i am not a degree purchaser but have worked for it for 2 years with all formalities in my previous university) i was answred government to instruct!!!!!! wow ……….now govt has to take more a year for it !!!! arrey dont give statements …..gove judgement …..we are dying of pain as we were not a part of this dirt shit called purchasing !! I donteven blame purchsers as they must be having their own reasons if i see neutrally ……..may be somebody for bread , somebody to save the job ………….see i know few just did it ……but who aloowed…..can u do it in USA??????????WHY?

  33. addaa says:

    Redpected ugc,

    ab kay hoga uon bichare students ka jinko cmj ne regular degree provid ki hai nd ab wos degree k base p wo khai job bhi kar raha hai ,ab uska ky fucher hai …kay ab gov. Apni election stutn mr bechare students ko bhi biche me fasege ya unka fucher soch k kuch sahi faisla lege …shai kha sab ne 3 sal se maeghaly k governer or goverment so rahi ti jo election k pahle jag gai kuy governer ne khud cmj ko awerd apne hatho se diya kuy itne ache ache masegesss diye jo cmj k wedsite me show hote hai nd students un par bharosa kar k addmission lete hai and band me ye sab milta hai unhe….”ye to wahi bat ho gai na k jis ka naamak khaya usi se gadarae kar li” ab ky hoga students ka ugs plz plz jald se jald faisla le …

    • madan lal says:


  34. govind says:

    Mumbai … miraroad ..
    Relevent manegment ..and relevent school .. they give certificate oh verious unniversities .
    Plz check out other wise a big scam goin to bigger .. stop all this ..

  35. mahi says:

    I am completed diploma in mechnical 2009 to 2012 but my registration is not found in cmj university

  36. Raja das says:

    I complete my p.hd in mathematics 2013… Today I khow all the degree in this university is illegal. Why suffer student in this situation? I request to ugc.. Govornor of meghalaya to order that either all of degree are valid otherwise back year and money with interest to all the student who suffer this situation…. What is the faut of us( student)? Tell us….

  37. Jorifuddin Ahamed says:

    I am completed degrees in B.C.A 2009 to 2012 but my registration is not found in cmj university

  38. Jorifuddin Ahamed says:

    I am completed degrees in B.C.A 2009 to 2012 but my registration is not found in cmj university


  39. abhilash says:

    y its not valid if that is the case what about our money and time which we spent ,u men to say that we dont gent any jobs based on this certificate or we cant go to any upper studies based on this certificate please reply

  40. sumit bhaskar says:

    My name is sumit bhaskar i am complete Bachelor of commerce 2012 in cmj university meghalay sir Please Aap mujhe mere registration number se mere result ko mail karne ki mahaan kripa kijiye mujhe Bhut jaruri hai abhi..

    Name – sumit bhaskar
    date of birth – 02-03-1988
    father name – shri m.k. bhaskar
    address – jagdalpur], District bastar State chhattishgarh.

  41. ISHWAR SINGH says:

    dear sir
    please give right information for the cmj university because the university provided me three year b.a pass degree, please provided my mark sheet right or roung

    name-: ishwar singh
    father name-: laxmi narain
    dob-: 28-DEC-1988
    add- vill-ridhau,PO- farmana, sonipat (haryana) 131408

    please sir reply now

  42. Noor Mohammad says:

    Kya sir ye CMJ ki digree galat hai

  43. VINNI says:

    Its not a fate its political game to collect huge money by this way. We’re already dead by government governs us. Still we fight and try to do something by efforts and everywhere the bullshit politics appears.

    How can the degrees be cancelled if its approved under UGC act ???
    Government should stop taking further admission in CMJ or can cancel the university. However, they don’t have right to spoil 1000+ students future by their own mistakes.


  44. my name is sandeep ramugade i complete b.s.c 2012 in cmj university of meghalaya please aap mujhe mere registration mere result ko mail karne ki kripa kare mujhe bahut jaruri hai abhi. says:

    Name – Sandeep Uttam Ramugade
    Dob – 10-01-1980
    Add – C/15;patil complex,Vichumbe village, new Panvel, Panvel -410206

  45. KUMAR says:

    I already completed my B.COM in 2013. I got my certificates also. Kindly let me know the status of our Certificates which given by CMJ

  46. DIGAMBER SINGH says:

    I already completed my B.COM in 2012. I got my certificates also. Kindly let me know the status of our Certificates which given by CMJ. My registration no.30131110413307

  47. jayesh says:

    I have got 5 semistar marksheet (up to dec 12)after I have nt get the marksheet and also give money to one of the institute in delhi (ethics institute of management and technology) now he is not answer my call.

    Can I get the remain certificate from the university or how can I refund my money.

  48. sings says:

    frodddddddddddd….university…..fake..hamare 100000 khaye..

  49. vikram singh says:

    sir aaj ki date m cmj university ki 2010 to 2013 ki B.A. ki degree valid h ya nhi. kya job k liye apply kr skate h ya nhi.

  50. anau says:

    can someone apply for any kind of government job based on CMJU’s marksheet (MA 2012)?

  51. abhi says:

    I am also completed diplomavinccmj 2010-2013. My certificate is valled or invalled. I am in Telnagana state. Hear SBTET saying these is is in vallied what i have to do study B.Tech please say me.

  52. ghanshyan kumhar says:

    Sir,plz tell me.maine cmj se dip.2009-2012 mere kya ye dgree govt.job me vailed hai.plz tell me

  53. sarjeet saini says:

    sir,plz tell me.maney cmj se civil session 2009-2012 me kiya.kya meyri dgree govt job me vailed hi.ALWAR (raj)

  54. rahul says:

    i m completed b,con in session 2009 to 2012 is my degree valid or not in govt. job plz tell me plz

  55. rahul says:

    i m completed b,con in session 2009 to 2012 is my degree valid or not in govt. job plz tell me plz AB UNI. shuru hai ya band

  56. ABHI says:

    I am completed CMJ Univercity mining Diploma 2010-13 is it valid or not. I Am from Telangana State hear SBTET Saying it is not walled what i want do for study B.Tech

  57. sunil kumar says:

    dear sir,
    i want to know that cmj university course are valid or not.i hv passout in 2012.
    sunil kumar

  58. anu says:

    sir, i have completed my B.ed in CMJ University during 2011-12….is this valid please reply…

  59. Anonymous says:


    I am from shillong done my schooling from B.S.F school, umpling I am resident of Lower Jail road, but I have shifted to Delhi long back to look for job, and I completed my graduation from CMJ university by paying through some illegal brokers in Delhi, who provided me original college certificates (back dated) in lieu of money for all the semesters at a time.

    I know this universities are mostly fake, so i tried to contact UGC website, where they said last year its not a fake university.

    please suggest, as there are numerous brokers who are playing with money of fools like us, and destroying the career.

    please let me know the complete details as i am really concerned so that i can take out money from that bastard broker.

  60. Kuldeep says:

    Maine 2010-2013 tk cmj se BA pass pass ki kya ye deegre shi h
    Bank job me apply kr skta hu

  61. ABDUL HAMID says:

    I completed my B.A in CMJ university during 2010-12.I Please verify my Mark sheet

  62. joginder says:


    As far as talk about these university are fake but does all who get involve to catch the red-handed are blind, when there is an advertisment i news paper and a lot of bord hanged on walls besides the road and in markit place to complete graduation in 1 year or less then periods of time…
    I know the fact , governor of the meghaliya are resused to give money then he decided to file an complain again CMJ that CMJ are offering the fake degree…give me answer
    Why he did not take any action when CMJ was being run for 2009…and giving the certificate
    Do you know there is alot of university are there in meghaliya and shilon who are doing these certificate business and govt and governor are silent coz money is comming from these university…they do not think what about the career about the students and their future…please think about the students coz there is no mistake of students..when you dnt hve money and you found money on road deffinatly you will take that…by considering this example if any student has taken certificate from these kind of university so in this condition he is not guilty…coz he was no way to push up or give his or her career an steap head…at last please think about the students….

  63. Rohit says:

    Sir, I have done phd from cmj university and passed out in the year 2011 (Batch 2009-2011) so my degree is valid or not.

    • advdx says:

      2009 – 2011 !

      2 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of Ph.D degree

      OMG! people can hardly get a bachelor’s degree in three years. and YOu questioning about validity of Ph.D for two years.

  64. Dear Sir,
    I want to verify my Degree/marksheet my registration no. is 30136211100008 plz conform me. on my mail id;

    Waiting for your earliest reply

    My details are:
    Name: Vaibhav Parashar
    Registration Number: 30136211100008
    DOB: 17/08/1980
    Course: MBA (media management)
    Mail Id –
    Mobile No. – 9644755515

  65. ritesh says:

    Dear friends university starts working from 2010 as v.c announcement u can see In different websites but how can they issue marksheet in 2010 please d

    Clear it

  66. ritesh says:

    The university was established by an act passed by the state legislature in 2009 while it started functioning from October 17, 2010. It is alleged to have issued a large number of fake PhDs.CMJ University had been running distance education centres outside the state, in other parts of the country as well as in some centres abroad, in breach of University Grants Commission regulations and guidelines. Fake Degrees and Admissions by CMJ UniversitySir,Chandra Mohan Jha University, popularly known as CMJ University, is a private university established through a State act called as “CMJ University Act, 2009” in the State of Meghalaya. In a letter written by UGC to the self appointed Chancellor of the University, Shri C.M. Jha on November 10, 2010 informed that no off campus centre(s) is opened by the University outside the territorial jurisdiction of the State. In case, the University has already started any off campus outside the State, it must be closed immediately. At the same time, even in the official website of the University, gives wrong misleading information to the students. One announcement in the website says, “The University does not have any Off Campus/Study Centres. If anyone is claiming to be a study center of CMJ University, it is false and it should be reported to us. Suitable reward will be given”. And also “CMJ University conducts only Regular courses at its campuses located in Meghalaya and does not offer any correspondence or distance course”.There have been questions in view of the above points, how CMJ University is running different study centres in different parts of the country including Manipur.

  67. Anil says:

    I did my degree in B.Sc from 2009 – 2012. Its quite shocking that the degrees are cancelled. Please let know if supreme court has declared the degrees invalid as I ll start applying for IGNOU this time atleast.

  68. Sunil kumar says:

    Sir i sunilkumar civil engineering diploma complete since of 2014 kindly send my diploma

    Sunil kumar

  69. susovan says:

    please remove this fake news .now university is going good from sc order. hope you will not spread this rumor against this . please think about those students who took degree. .

  70. anicow says:

    ohh no… ab mera kya hoga… i was planning for bank jobs… somebody pls tell me how to verify..

  71. Vivek Kumar says:

    Dear all, I completed M-TECH-civil first year in fall session 2011-2012. Can I complete course now. Please send notifications if any issued by the state government of Meghalaya regarding degree/marksheet validity and verification.

    Please give feedback ASAP.


  72. says:

    I pass out 2012 . D.M.E how I found registration

  73. Kamrun Nehar says:

    My graduation course 2009 to 2012 is legal for govt service????

  74. M Alam says:

    Contact 9771923199

  75. M Alam says:

    If Any Body want to CMJ degree verification Contact 9771923199

  76. VINEET KUMAR says:

    Sab degree faarjii hai
    Result le kar Kya karegha

  77. VINEET KUMAR says:

    Sab fake hai

  78. Dca ki marksheet h but bord certificate nhi mela h
    Verification ke lye bord certificate ki
    Jarorat h kese milega please reply kare
    Mob . 6376731596

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  80. vaidehi kuber says:

    Is it possible that the BTech degree offered by CMJ university in 2012 will be made legal as I thought that the students who are persuing those degrees are not in fault . what is the suggestion

  81. KULDEEP SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hii Sir/Madam I have done my Diploma In Industrial Safety Management Course in February 2011. I have only Number showing Mark Sheet Not have Diploma Mark Sheet now i want those also have me. Please give me my Diploma Mark Sheet and you can send me my E-mail Id Now i am applying in manufacturing plant/factory but i doubt my mark sheet is face. Can you prove that my Diploma in Industrial Safety Management is right Name Kuldeep Singh S/O Sh Kitab Singh Registration no. is 95597210107936. Please help me i am very confused.

    Thanks & Regards

    Kuldeep Singh


  82. KULDEEP SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hii Sir/Madam I have done my Diploma In Industrial Safety Management Course in 2 July 2011 showing in my mark sheet and final year showing in 2011. I have only Number showing Mark Sheet Not have Diploma Mark Sheet now i want those also have me. Please give me my Diploma Mark Sheet and you can send me my E-mail Id Now i am applying in manufacturing plant/factory but i doubt my mark sheet is face. Can you prove that my Diploma in Industrial Safety Management is right Name Kuldeep Singh S/O Sh Kitab Singh Registration no. is 95597210107936. Please help me i am very confused.

    Thanks & Regards

    Kuldeep Singh


  83. MSc pathology course offer the cmj university

  84. Msc courses also fake in 2010 – 2013 year

  85. hussain lunawadi says:

    Dear sir ,
    I have the marksheets of BE Civil engineering course done from CMJ but i have misplaced the degree certificate.can u plz help me out with it.
    Reg no:70171310400884

  86. CMJ UNI.MUST be verify marksheet T.Y.Bcom

  87. Ramniwas says:

    Maine DCA kiya 2012 me unka verifications karwana h kya hoga or kitne rupees hai charge ka

  88. Manoj kumar says:

    We want to veryfi my dmc B. A

  89. Mrinaljyoti Nath says:

    Sir the bed degree in 2011are valid or not pls rply

  90. sofas says:

    La falta de sueño hace que los adipocitos (células grasas) liberen menos leptina, la hormona supresora del apetito. El insomnio provoca, además, que el estómago libere más grelina (la hormona del apetito). Ambas acciones hacen que dormir poco se asocie a la obesidad.

  91. Jacinta says:

    I received only provisional certificate for B Ed in 2013.
    Will I get original? Is it valid?

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