5 Places to Buy Modafinil Online and is it Safe?

This pharmacy is way better than CVS. They are fast and friendly even take the time to squeeze you in at the last minute. I have never had an issue with this pharmacy, all of my medicine is mixed when I leave. Also, no ridiculous lines!! I will continue to buy Modafinil at this pharmacy. SOUTH DELHI PHARMA is my favorite!

Their main concern is business. Better products and more caring, knowledgeable ppl at consuming. In today’s market, rudeness, lying employees, and no love for the business will result in ultimate failure. They’ll make money for a few more years but will eventually lose out on sales to better companies.

Apollo Pharmacy Supreme Court of India
Address: Chamber No 2, Bhagwan Das Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India | Phone: +91 11 2338 8582 | Website: https://www.apollopharmacy.in/

Great pharmacy, even better pharmacist. The personal connection you don’t get at the big-name stores. Nate goes above and beyond to ensure that Modafinil medication arrive in a timely manner and take care of all the back-end work so you don’t have to. Would (and have) recommend to family and friends.

I have been employed with this Apollo Pharmacy Supreme Court of India since Feb 2019. This is the best company that I have had the pleasure of working for my whole career. The staff and the management are easy to work with and talk to. My plan is to stay right here with Pharmacy Specialists until I retire or just can not work anymore.

All India Medicos
Address: Shop No. 1, Meb, Near AIIMS, NDMC Market, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, India | Phone: +91 11 4606 6360 | Website: http://www.allindiamedicosonline.com/

I went into All India Medicos, with so much back pain that I barely could talk. Karla, the pharmacist, helped me very quickly and compassionately. By the next afternoon, the pain was almost gone. I would highly suggest using this pharmacy if you live in the area or if you’re just passing through.

When you call they, lie to you if they answer the phone. When you go in there, they lie to you, straight to your face. It’s amazing. They do it with such gusto that I just can’t understand. They will tell you that they put in a coupon for you for your prescription, and when you go to pick it up, they say it went through and saved you all of a dollar and $0.07.”No, I’m sorry, that’s not the one that I gave you. The one I gave you would have saved me over $100. “I’m sorry, sir, that’s the one that went through.” Well, you need to fix it!” Happens here all the time.

Jeevan Organics – All India Chemist (Authorised Retail Store)
Address: E-358, GK 2 Main Rd, Block E, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048, India | Phone: +91 99114 33388 | Website: https://jeevan-organics-all-india-chemist-authorised.business.site/

Amazing and fast service!! I was going to wait to fill our Modafinil prescription, but hubby really needed it! I handed them the script, and I received everything back in less than 15 minutes!! Where we live, we are lucky to fill a prescription in an hour and a half or so! Thank you for the empathy and expedited service!!

Its been over a month I asked my doctor to send my medication to a pharmacy that delivers it, and my doctor sent it to Jeevan Organics – All India Chemist (Authorised Retail Store). Since then, they haven’t delivered my meds properly. The first month they send my calcium with an open lid, and this month they delivered two medication that was supposed to be 60 counts each. They sent me 30 of each and wrote 60 on labels. When I called them, they sent me one of them wrong again. They sent me 15 and wrote on label 30. I’m fed up with this pharmacy. I don’t understand how they do business like this with all mistakes they are making.

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