The NGOs from Garo Hills asked Meghalaya Govt to follow the Manipur system to get ILP

The conglomeration of NGOs and Civil societies (GSU, FAF, ADE, AYWO and FKJGP) urges the Meghalaya Govt to put more pressure on the GOI to expedite the implementation of ILP and the MRSSA for the better protection of the indigenous peoples of Meghalaya and arrest the ongoing drastic demographic change due to infiltration by illegal immigrants.

The Manipur Govt passed the ILP three times in the Assembly Session and thus putting forth their tenacious perseverance on the matter has succeeded in their demand for the implementation of ILP. The Meghlaya Govt should show the same seriousness on the demand for implementation of ILP in the state.

The fight for ILP has been a long pending demand. The fight for ILP in 2013 by a consortium of civil societies and NGOs finally got the attention of the govt but tried to realise the demand instead by offering “Comprehensive Mechanism” which also included now what is called MRSSA.

The MRSSA which got the attention of the Central Govt due to the Look East Policy is pending. As we have stressed before the 13 NGOs never gave up the demand for ILP and will still fight for its implementation and were gearing up only it was disrupted by the pandemic. So we urge the Meghalaya Govt and the opposition leaders to pass the ILP in the assembly again and put pressure on the Indian Govt.

The issue of MRSSA which was passed in 2016 and awaiting implementation along with the set up of facilitation centres looks to be a delaying tactic of the successive ruling governments which is almost nine years from the supposed adoption of comprehensive mechanism.  The questions do come to mind whether all of these matters are hogwash to the government.

The govt has yet to solve the matter of encroachment and illegal squatting at Wadagokgre, West Garo Hills where a large number of  illegal immigrants have forcefully occupied the land near the archaeological site.

We waited with bated breath for the govt to act and also because of the pandemic  but the time is nigh for action. We are fighting against illegal invasion and this matter cannot be left pending for long. For this issue I know every Garo will side with us should we call for agitations.

The govt must pursue the demand for ILP and pass it in the assembly again, the MRSSA implemented and the illegal settlers at Wadagokgre must be resolved at the earliest. We are ready for agitations if these matters are not taken care of.

The Press statement was sign by the GSU President Mr. Tengsak G Momin, Manseng A Sangma Chief Adviser, Mr. Dalsentg Bira Ch Momin President ADE, Mr. Pritam R. Marak  President FKJGP Garo Hills Zone,Mr. Sengbath Ch. Marak General Secretary AYWO, Central Body.








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