The BSF celebrated ‘56th Raising day’ need to understand the border population

Shillong, Nov 03: The sentinels of the border celebrated ‘56th Raising day’ on 01st Dec 2020 with overwhelming zeal. BSF was raised on 01st Dec 1965 by Padma Vibhushan Sh K F Rustam, IPS, just after the   Indo-Pak war.

At this time when the need for specialized and specific force to guard the borders  was felt Border   Security  Force mans 3323 Kms on western frontier and 4096 kms on eastern frontier of India.  In addition it takes pleasure of serving the nation on line of control, Counter insurgency, Anti Naxal operations etc.

Initiating with 25 battalions, BSF now reached its number of battalions to 192 with the passage of time. It stands concreted on both the eastern and the western frontiers since its inception. The force has   grown not only in volumes but also in its capabilities as one can see Air wing, Water wing, Artillery bolstering the Force in all the perspectives.

In the need of hour, BSF Meghalaya came forward to deal with Covid and its effects on local population by distributing food and essential items in collaboration with several NGOs.

It is worth mentioning that BSF Meghalaya also donated plasma of convalescent recovered BSF personnel at NEIGHRMS which was appreciated by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as well and the other forces started to replicate the same model.

The BSF Meghalaya Frontier is undertaking various confidence building measures and public outreach programmes to cement relationship with border population in Meghalaya.

Since last BSF day, BSF Meghalaya Frontier apprehended several criminals and smugglers at the border and seized huge quantity of contraband items, cattle and misc items worth 22 crores while being smuggled to Bangladesh from India and vice-versa.

Mr Hardeep Singh, Inspector General Frontier HQ Meghalaya stated: “the Border Security Force will develop a better understanding between border population and create a sense of security and further leading to decrease in smuggling activities in the border area.”


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