HSPDP does not approve Dr Mukul questioning the Leakage of CBI Report

Nongstoin, November 04: The HSPDP one of the collation partner in the state government strongly opposed  the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma asking  the Chief Secretary to find out the “sources of the Report” and on “how the same was leaked to the media” is not “Acceptable” to HSPDP.

We do not approve to Dr Mukul Sangma questioning towards the leakage of CBI Reprt. Instead of taking action against these “tainted Representatives” and “immediately sack them”, he started to “cover-up indirectly” by questioning the Report’s Leakage. This destroys the true spirit and meaning of “Transparency” and “Right To Information”

 “CM Questioning” has raised a doubt even on his (Mukul’s) own Integrity. It seems “few” people were asked to prepare the food but “many” has a feast in eating the prepared food.

Mr CM please note that people has every right to know because you are running the Government on people’s behalf. “Sir, to remind you, this is not a Dictatorship form of Government but our “Constitution enshrines that our Government is based on Democracy”.

HSPDP tells the Chief Minister “Please know that our Government should be run by the “True”, “Responsible”, “Accountable” and “Clean” Elected Representatives”. The action of the chief minister sends a wrong signal the way the government functions and further encourages the “wrong-doers” not to take heed of their wrong actions and the wrong-doers will never mend their ways in the future.

At the same time the HSPDP appreciate the “efficient officers” and “concerned persons” who unearthed this crime and also the “Media” who take further to make this “back-door crime” into a limelight. HSPDP also encourages all the officers to perform and discharge their duty faithfully in the midst of hindrances.(SP News)

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