The UDP ,Congress, NCP all are involved:HSPDP

Nongstoin, November 06: The spoke person of the HSPDP Shri G Nonglong alleged that all political parties, The UDP, NCP and the Congress are involved they cannot run from the fact since the CBI has mention their name.

 Minister of Forest  Prestone Tynsong (Congress), Minister of Social Welfare J.A.Lyngdoh (UDP), Deputy Speaker Sanbor Shullai (NCP) and others “tried to justify and claimed innocent” with their “self-defined and self-interpreted” meaning of “Help” in the appointment of school teachers.

The very definition of Representative is to represent, serve and help the society at large. The very motive and aim of “helping  or aiding”  the masses is the “primary duty” of the Representative, but, one must keep in mind that  it must be “fair and reasonable”  and it  must “not  be against public policy”. Everyone deserves to be “treated equally” in the eyes of law but, whereby, in this case “the MEANS” of “aiding or helping is discriminatory” and it “defeats the very act of helping”.

 Therefore, the recommendation of these representatives struck down at heart the “Right to Equality” which is a Fundamental Right inscribes under “Article 14” of Indian Constitution.HSPDP warns not to “misuse their posts of which they are holding” and “not to poke their noses in the areas that do not belong to them”.

What for do we conduct examination? What is the use of merit based system? Do they know about their “Span of Control” and their “Role-Job” description?.Moreover, these tainted people it seems are not aware at all about “Performance in Examination” and cannot make out head or tail the essence, significance and effect of “Quality of Teaching”. Hence “little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

 In fact as “Leaders” HSPDP emphasizes that we must “guide, show and lead” the people towards the “right path” to do “right things”. Instead, these “Self-Justifiers” and “Self-Proclaimers of Justice” tried to bend the rules of which they are making. HSPDP warns not to mislead the people and not to bend the rules and regulations as per their whims and fancies to fit their selfish ends.

Being the elected representatives, they must know at least the meaning and practical purpose of the word “Help”. HSPDP reiterates that it is our duty to help one another so that we live, grow and prosper in a society. But, it is “Strange” to know that the “tainted” use the word “help” to prove their “wrong actions” as “right actions”.

UDP demands others to “step down” is nothing less behaving like a “Prawn”. One “Prawn (UDP)” is asking another “Prawn (Congress)” to do which she(UDP) herself is doing. People and the Law can only differentiate the difference among all the sins as which one is a “lesser sin”. (SP News)

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